Affiliate Buzz #268 – Google Authorship Markup – Establish and Build YOUR Credibility with Google

You may have noticed that Google search results are starting to include author info along with many search results. Google Author Markup allows authors to “tag” content. This new feature offers many exciting opportunities.

Listen in as James and Arlene Martell explain the number one search engine’s new feature, Google Authorship Markup. Anyone who’s ever had content stolen will particularly appreciate this edition of Affiliate Buzz.

Affiliate Marketing Allows You Freedom

James and Arlene also talk about some of the pros and cons that go along with being a full-time affiliate marketer. James vents about some recent technical issues. Working online, this is something almost everyone has to deal with at one time or another. Thankfully, working for yourself also awards you the freedom to step away when you need to regroup.

Arlene also talks about a recent trip she and the oldest Martell son, Adam took. Adam is an avid train fan, so the two drove around British Columbia, touring 5 cities and towns in 6 days. They specifically checked out old trains and train tunnels in each city. They were also able to visit a ghost town with a roundhouse full of train memorabilia. The two had a great time on their trip. Arlene took her laptop with and was able to work for a couple of hours each morning while enjoying a memorable trip with Adam.

As James points out, this is just one of the many “benefits of the business.” The freedom to work from anywhere, even while on vacation, is one of the biggest perks of building an affiliate marketing business.

Google’s Newest Feature for Content Creators

Moving on to discuss the new feature that Google is offering content creators, James and Arlene discuss setting up authorship for your content and the benefits of doing so. With Google appearing to move toward a more “social search,” it’s important to establish authorship for your articles in order to increase your “AuthorRank” in a similar way to PageRank to increase your credibility.

Benefits of Establishing Google Authorship Markup include

  • Better Google search snippets with social media info and links to more content by each author
  • More credibility - Google Authorship simplifies establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Author photo in Google search - Put a face behind your name to build connection with your readers
  • SEO - Markup for authorship adds another influence on your your SEO rankings to take advantage of.

Google Authorship appears to be one of the first steps toward a more “social search” online. As James points out, it’s beneficial to get in early on setting up authorship for your content. In particular, those in niches outside SEO and affiliate marketing will likely find that they don’t have a lot of competition in this area quite yet.

James and Arlene conclude the show by sharing a few helpful tools they’ve used in their business recently. One is a tool that you can use to convert your website to WordPress very inexpensively. James and Arlene used GConverter to save over $4500 on converting one of their affiliate sites from Drupal to WordPress. Arlene also talks about her new phone that she won in a contest, the HTC One smartphone. The phone, which is a $550 value, was a nice bonus.

Arlene also mentions that she has a number of internet-related PAD articles to offer to webmasters with a PageRank of 3 or higher. The articles are professionally written, genuinely useful content that is 100% unique.


  1. Eliz C says:

    I have to be honest that I did not know about the Google Authorship but it is now making me rethink what I'm using for author names on my blog posts. I've been using keywords that pertain to my website. I haven't even filled out any author information. After reading this I think I will change to using my name and creating a bio. Thanks for advice.

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Eliz, I would be careful using keywords as your author name. Google is very aware and looks unfavorably at this practice. You will be far better off being YOU! 😉


  2. Melanie Kovero says:

    Hello Arlene & James,

    Thankyou for your very helpful weekly podcast which I listen to from Ireland on my Android Tab using the Stitcher App. As a small business owner I have had to self learn how to promote my website using SEO to get in inquiries. Our customers are small business. Daily businesses closed down as we have a very tough recession and very foolish politians running the place.

    Thank you both so much for all the great information you generously share. My website is in Joomla.

    Any ideas how to set up Google Authorship for a Joomla site? I understand that Arlene has a number of internet-related PAD articles to offer. I would be delighted to receive one.

    Thankyou very much, Melanie from Ireland

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Melanie, thanks for your kind note.

      I think you'll find that setting up your Google Authorship for Joomla is no difference than what we did for WordPress. No plugin is needed. You will also find all kinds video tutorials on Youtube.


  3. venkat says:

    Hi Eliz, I would be using keywords as your author name. Google is very aware and looks unfavorably at this practice. You will be far

    thanks for sharing


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