Affiliate Buzz #250 – Google Panda Has a *New* Friend, Meet Penguin

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell about the newest Google Penguin update, it's relationship to Panda and how it could impact your site.

The newest update has been coined the official web SPAM filter and appropriately so. This newest update targets the blogging networks that are spamming Google with lower quality posts that could be linking back to your site in turn causing your pages to drop in the search results. But how do you know if you're affected?

James begins by thoroughly explaining just what these blogging networks are and why they have been targeted by Google. He shares a look back on the Panda update and the types of content it targeted and leads into the most recent Penguin update and the content now being affected.

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of Penguin is understanding exactly how this update, if it in fact targets blogging networks, can have any negative impact on your site at all. James and Arlene talk about the connection between the two by disclosing the relationship between a "spammy backlink" and your pages. You'll hear how these networks operate and ways to know if you have been subject to their scams.

Beyond networks and spammy backlinks keeping your ranks in the search engines needs to take on a whole protection type of view. You'll hear tips how to safeguard your site and ensure you're not getting mixed up in the wrong neighborhoods.

But what if you're site has already dropped in the results? Now what can you do? The good news is there is a solution. James shares tips on how to evaluate your listings to determine of you have been affected by the Penguin update and what to do about if you discover you have.

Covered in this edition:

  • Google Penguin update
  • Protecting your site from blogging network style backlinks
  • What to do if you have been affected
  • Tips on keeping your head and website in the clear for life

As Google continues to flush out ongoing updates it's vital that you take measures to ensure you are promoting your site in honest and respected ways. James shares tips on how to keep your backlinking efforts clean and clear for the life of your site.

And if you are...

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  1. Chris says:

    My site purely based on high quality content, PAD plus a mixture of quality blog comments was penalised from this recent update.

    So i doubt its just targeting sites who used backlink networks. The update is targeting sites (even with high quality content) who don't have any brand presence or referring traffic from sites besides google. SEO alone is not enough anymore, otherwise you're gambling no matter how good your content is or backlinks. And if low quality backlinks can destroy your serp positions, anyone can easily get rid of their competitors over night. Creating a industry of negative SEO.

  2. James Martell says:

    Hi Chris, I am sorry to hear your site got hit ...and agreed that SEO alone is not enough anymore. How badly did you get hit?

    As for "low quality backlinks can destroy your serp", it's unfortunate, but from all indications from I am reading it's true.


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