Affiliate Buzz #322 – Growth of Internet and Social Media: Notable Online Stats for 2013 – Pt 2 of 2

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell take a look back at the Notable Online Stats for 2013. They discuss the growth of Internet and Social Media, including how social media sites YouTube, Facebook and Twitter performed.

James and Arlene have four children who range in age from 18 to 26, and two granddaughters - one who just arrived in time for Christmas! While Arlene limits her mobile use to calling and texting, James and the kids use it for practically everything. And as this episode shows, they are far from alone!

Everyone Is Going Mobile

As James points out, the younger generation has it down pat when it comes to mobile devices and accessing the internet.One of his sons uses mobile devices so much that he joined the trend of giving up his landline completely. James and Arlene go on to discuss:

  • Who is really using these mobile devices
  • Social media sites accessed with mobile devices
  • Daily tasks achieved with mobile devices

James and Arlene explain these figures not only with global statistics but also in relation to their own family. For example, one of their daughters limits her overall internet access from her mobile phone, with the exception of using it to access Facebook mobile.

What’s In Store for 2014

James goes on to give listeners a look into the future as he explains why gaming consoles, like Xbox One, that offer voice recognition make even the savviest techno-knowledgeable person feel like a neophyte. He shares an engaging example of a Skype conversation they had while his son used the device.

James and Arlene then segue into the topic of internet traffic and mobile devices. As he points out, statistics for one student at The School of Internet Marketing shows that nearly 40% of her traffic comes from mobile devices. James goes on to share:

  • the amount of people who use mobile devices to open and read emails
  • figures for tablet sales and surprises about people who use them
  • how many older people are online now compared to five years ago

With a new grandchild entering the family just a couple of days ago, James and Arlene ponder what statistics might show when she gets older. They go on to discuss related issues, like spam on mobile devices, and using click ads on mobile web or apps.

Finally James and Arlene discuss YouTube and Twitter. Along with statistics about the explosive growth of mobile devices, such as who uses the sites and how they use them, they share their own personal reasons about why they prefer one social media site over another.

James wraps up the episode by pointing out that if affiliates are not looking at mobile already, then in 2014 they should be and the above stats back up this idea. He also shares one strategy he could improve to triple or even quadruple their marketing business. It a small change that could improve your click-through rate by 200% or more!


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