AB #463 | Podcasting Pioneer and Producer of 20,000+ Episodes Shares the Real Deal on Why Marketers and Publishers *Must* Have Their Own Show

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell welcomes Brasco (aka Jorge Hermida), his Producer and Program Director at WebmasterRadio.FM, to talk about creating a podcast, and the advantages of hiring podcast producer to help them create a show of their own.

Brasco has managed programming for WebmasterRadio.FM since 2005, and after he and James reminisce about the rise of podcasts, they lay out what could be a starter course on podcasting. They talk about what a podcast is and how it’s published, and they discuss what makes a great host and what can sink a poor one. They also talk about how to start a podcast, and when you might want to hire a podcast producer to do it for you.

How to Start a Podcast

With over 20,000 podcast episodes under his belt, Brasco is a podcasting expert. He explains to James some of the mechanics of what goes into a podcast, and why podcasts are often better marketing tools than social media or blogs alone.

A good podcast doesn’t just happen overnight, though! Brasco explains the prep time behind some of the podcasts he works with, what it takes to be a good host, and how to conduct a great interview. Later, they also discuss the importance of SEO in the podcast title and description.

Why You Should Hire a Podcast Producer

When you’re just starting out in podcasting, it’s easy to make rookie mistakes. Too many “ums” and “ahs”, wasting time in interviews, and poor audio quality are all factors that can make audiences switch off quickly! It may be worth your time and money to hire a podcast producer: someone who knows the ins and outs and can advise you on best practices. Brasco explains to James what the podcaster-producer relationship can look like.

Finally, Brasco walks James through some of his biggest pet peeves as a producer. He tells James why you should avoid too many pleasantries with your guests, why you should consider scripting some of your show, and why there’s never a good time for a softball question. Then, as a bonus, James gives some tips for how he taught himself to “um” and “ah” less frequently.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • What the early days of podcasting was like
  • What happens when you publish a podcast?
  • How you can use a podcast to direct your audience to other media (e.g. articles or videos)
  • What makes a good podcast host?
  • How podcasting is like radio, and how it’s different
  • What a podcast producer can do for you
  • Why you should consider starting your own show
  • How much time does it take to prepare to record a podcast?
  • What does it take to do a great interview?
  • The importance of SEO to podcasts



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