AB #389 | Oh Crap, I Did it Again – Why I’m Only Worth $5 per Hour

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell describes a mistake he made again, and explains why he feels it devalued his worth to just $5 per hour.

James kicks off the episode by recapping Affiliate Buzz #388, where he talked with Vinny O’Hare, a 15-year internet pioneer and full-time marketer. During the podcast Vinny shared his success stories and advice on making money with affiliate programs.

Then James reflects back to Affiliate Buzz #387, where his guest, Declan Dunne, talked about attention conversion and how to convert stories to sales. During the podcast they also discussed a technique known as multi-step marketing.

Next James gets into the meat of the topic. Last week he did four speaking engagements which caused him to get behind in a few areas. As a result, he found himself working on things that he could easily find someone else to do, such as adding articles to his sites, possibly for as inexpensive as $5 per hour.

Benefits of Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants

Then James turns to the benefits of using a virtual assistant. He suggests making up templates, checklists, and worksheets to outline the tasks required to complete things for your business. Once you document how to do the task, you can outsource the work to someone you hire through a site like Elance, which after August 2015 will move over to the Upwork platform.

After last weekend’s mishap, James hired a couple of top-notch virtual assistants to do the work. Now if he needs hosting set up, a podcast distributed to all the places that host the show, or so forth, then he can give the how-to document, which he outlines during the show, to one of his VAs who can knock out the task. This leaves James free to direct his attention to more important tasks.

Instead of spending several hours doing the work, James can spend about $25 for the services of a VA to do it for him. The conversion works out to about $5 per hour. If you’re doing that work yourself, then what you are doing is valuing your time at $5 per hour. Isn’t your time worth more?

Next James describes a video series he put together. The series contained screenshots for a PowerPoint presentation which he turned into videos using the Screencast-O-Matic software and a headset. After recording the videos, he outsourced the editing work through Elance for about $50. The videos are in Dropbox, allowing his VA to take the reigns on the next task in the process.

James goes on to explain how he used the same software to create a video for his VA. The presentation details a virtual walkthrough of the instructions on what James wants him to do. As the VA completed the task, he also created a list of step-by-step instructions for an alternate person to follow in the event he is unavailable the next time the task needs done.

Then James remarks that you can use these same techniques to educate your audience about an affiliate product for the purpose of selling. He suggests using the strategy of slipping the product into a presentation, which has been successful for him over the past years.

Why Outsourcing Works and the Future of Elance

James segues into some surprising news he recently received about his favorite outsourcing company, Elance, which in the recent past merged with oDesk. The company is rebranding itself Upwork and are debuting a brand new platform. The Elance blog article introducing Upwork, linked below in the Resources area, promises faster hiring, better collaboration, larger teams, and more.

When it comes to outsourcing, James finds it a positive experience. He treats listeners to a live walk-through of some of the jobs he currently has listed on Elance, and then compares the price he received in bids for video work to what it would have cost if he had used a local video person from the Greater Vancouver area.

Finally James puts forth a challenge to those who have never outsourced before. The steps for completing this challenge are:

  1. Visit Elance.
  2. Set up a project with a detailed job description.
  3. Watch the service providers come in with bid proposals.
  4. Choose the one that seems to best fit the needs of your project.

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Affiliate Buzz #388 with Vinny O'Hare - http://jamesmartell.com/ab388
Affiliate Buzz #387 with Declan Dunn - http://jamesmartell.com/ab387
Elance - https://www.elance.com/
Upwork - https://www.upwork.com/
Elance Blog Article - https://www.elance.com/q/blog/introducing-upwork-%E2%80%93-evolution-elance-and-odesk


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