Affiliate Buzz #238 – Affiliate Management Training – How Do I Find Great Affiliates?

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz James Martell talks Sarah Bundy and Geno Prussakov. Sarah is the founder of, a full service agency based in Vancouver BC Canada. Sarah is a regular contributor to FeedFront Magazine and ReveNews.

Geno Prussakov is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, CEO and founder of AMNavigator.comand is an award winning affiliate marketing expert and program manager with over a decade of AM experience. He has authored two books on affiliate marketing (his latest Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day) that has trained thousands of affiliate managers, named by LinkShare as one of performance marketing's most vocal advocates and recognized as an honorable mention by Small Business Trends.

In the affiliate industry one of the biggest challenges affiliates face is the ability to locate an affiliate manager that is experienced, helpful and readily available to answer questions and give support. Geno shares that this barrier is primarily a result of untrained managers who lack the know how with running a successful affiliate program.

He goes on to express the need for merchants to learn how to recruit good affiliates, what to look for and how to motivate them to become super affiliates. The tools he shares helps affiliates new and old get ahead in their business by knowing how to stand out in the crowd and attract top merchants.

Sarah joins in to talk a little about how blogging and effective tool management helps affiliate managers not only stay organized but to passively recruit top earning affiliates by having everything in one central location.

To wrap up the call James Geno and Sara discuss the benefits of using affiliate conferences and related events to match affiliates with strong merchants. Though to approach is different this method has proven effective in finding affiliates or strengthening relationships with current affiliates.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James, Geno and Sarah talk about:

  • Affiliate management training
  • Overcoming the communication barrier
  • Traits of a top affiliate
  • Powerful tools for recruiting top affiliates

All though affiliate management training is targeted for merchants tonight's Buzz is invaluable for affiliates as you begin to understand the other side of affiliate marketing.

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