Affiliate Buzz #135 – How Barrack Obama Used the Power of the Internet to Fundraise and Beat Out John McCain for America’s Top Job

Join James Martell, author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook and host Charles Johnston as they touch base and discuss how President-Elect Barrack Obama used the power of the Internet to raise funds to beat out John McCain for America's top job.

James discusses with Charles the warm sunny morning and that he took Justin’s Beamer down to get his Tim Horton’s coffee and took the beach route home. James shares that the waves have white crests indicating that fall is definitely here.

James and Charles talk about the economic crisis that is occurring world wide and how it is affecting the internet business. James shares a report from England stating that while the sales in the general economy is down the Internet sales is up by 12%. Then James and Charles talk about the recent election and comment on how Obama really went full force on the internet and used the tools available to succeed.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Charles talk about:

  • Internet as a powerful money making tool
  • Stability online during the economic downturn
  • Ease and convenience of shopping online
  • Tweaking your product page to improve conversion

James and Charles talk about the impact this collapse in the economy has had on the internet industry. James shares the conversation with his graphics designer and other affiliates and they all share the online, business is still growing. The talk about the stability of online shopping and James shares some examples from his life and what he sees going on around him.

James and Charles discuss what is going on with and the success her site is seeing. James shares the impact she is making on families lives and how it has really helped people. James shares that on average Arlene spends 20-30 minutes a day on her site just being a part of it.

James discusses with Charles the different aspects of Arlene’s website and what type of products she offers. James shares that she has included both Google AdSense and a merchant offering. He tells listeners the type of merchants that have been placed on the site and how Arlene has presented them. James shares tips to help students make sure they are making changes to their product pages that will help their sales.

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