AB #513 | How to Attract “Ready-to-Buy” Clients In 30-Days with a Podcast, with James Martell, 15-Year Podcasting Veteran

In the edition, James Martell talks to coaches, consultants, affiliate marketers, agency owners, OPMs, speakers, and authors about how to attract "ready-to-buy" clients in 30-days with a podcast. James talks in detail about how you can use a podcast to help you build your personal or corporate brand, develop an audience, grow an email list and bring you speaking opportunities.

James talks about a recent HubSpot survey of marketers, that found a whopping 17% of marketers plan to add podcasting to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months, as an indicator of why it's a good time to start your own show is now.

17% of marketers plan to add podcasting to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months

In the episode, James answers the BIG question would-be podcasters have "How do I make money with a podcast?", and does so by providing real-world examples of how James attracts ready-to-buy clients with a podcast.

Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii

A 3-minute audio clip was shared to give you a flavor of how warm and knowledgeable a prospect is when they call in after listening to a podcast. You will hear in the clip, edited down from a 60-minute FREE Discovery Call, how a podcast can go a long way in helping you to establish trust, expertise, and sales.

The audio concludes with an invitation for James and Arlene to "come to stay with us" in Kauai.

Greetings from Ontario, Canada

James talks about another show of his called the: "SmarterLocal Marketing" podcast, and how the show was developed for local business owners who are looking to attract more local customers.

The podcast was developed to attract local business owners in need of local marketing assistance.

This new show, only 17 episodes in length is already generating new business. James shares an audio clip from a local business owner in Ontario, Canada that reached out to him after listening to episode #11 on Google My Business.

James points this out as an example that even a new podcast can quickly produce new clients.

Podcasting Is Worth a Serious Look

In this episode, you will learn why podcasting is worth a serious look. Why it will be a repeat touchpoint for your audience, and how you can use it to establish your credibility and build trust by demonstrating your expertise.

You will learn when a "ready-to-buy" client reaches out to you, why in a high percentage of cases they will be your become client.

You will also learn:

  • How a podcast can help you build relations and connect you deeply with your audience
  • How even a single episode can be heard by thousands or tens of thousands of times
  • How to quickly become a recognized expert so that you can cultivate "ready-to-buy" clients
  • How to create a body of work that will work for you for many years sending potential clients to you
  • How to tap MAJOR traffic source available only to podcasters
  • How to structure your podcast properly so it can be a reliable source of highly qualified leads
  • How to develop a podcast you will be proud of and that will impress all who hear it
  • How to attract ready-to-buy clients with a podcast

...and those are only a few of the many things you will learn in this episode.

Podcasting Coaching & Turnkey Services

James wrapped up the episode by talking about his podcasting coaching and turnkey services and how they include the same comprehensive system he uses and credits for his 15-years of longevity as a successful podcaster.

He concludes with an invitation to coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking for a reliable source of "ready-to-buy" clients to reach out to him for a FREE Discovery Call, to discuss the potential of working together to develop a first-class podcast to help you reach your goals.



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