AB #460 | How to Become a Highly Effective Salesperson with Ryan Stewman, aka the Hardcore Closer

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks with Ryan Stewman, aka the Hardcore Closer, who shares insight into what it takes to become a highly effective salesperson.

What does it take for a salesperson to close a sale every time? Ryan explains to James his personal story, and how it led him to the revelation that sales follows a formula, whether it’s for a $12 car wash or a $1.2m home. They also discuss some concrete steps that any salesperson – from brand-new to veteran – can use to close deals more consistently and efficiently.

Know Your Objections

After selling more car washes than he can count, Ryan noticed something key: the reasons his customers rejected what he was selling almost always followed a script. Ryan tells James how he started studying his customers’ responses, and how he used that information to simplify his pitch and make it more effective. He also explains how he transitioned into selling homes instead of car washes, and how you can use the same methods to close sales in either industry.

Are you afraid to ask for the sale? When you have a customer in front of you, do you feel as though you don’t yet “deserve” to make the sale? Ryan thinks it’s all about confidence, and he explains how using certain methods (like knowing your objections) can help you, so the next time you ask for the sale, you’ll know you’ve done your job right and it’s the next logical step.

“He Who Speaks the Least Earns the Most”

Ryan believes in prescription-based selling, that is, learn about the problem your customer needs solved so that you can prescribe the solution. To get there, he tells James, you should speak less and listen more. Ryan and James discuss the types of questions you should ask customers, and what answers you should listen for, in order to sell them the right product for their needs.

Finally, Ryan tells James about his books, which focus on teaching motivated individuals salespeople how to become a highly effective salesperson.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • How is selling a $12 car wash anything like selling a $1.2m home?
  • What are the most common objections that customers have to any sales pitch?
  • How to become a highly effective salesperson
  • Simple methods for understanding objections and battling them
  • How to eliminate some common objections, just by conversing naturally
  • Why are many salespeople hesitant about asking for the sale?
  • What is prescription-based selling?
  • How to be empathetic to your customers
  • What type of questions are the best to ask your customers?


Ryan's Books



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