AB #483 | Why Building a Virtual Team is Key to Winning Big in Affiliate Marketing w James Martell

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks about how to build a virtual team paying as little as $5 an hour, so that you can save time for other more important tasks. You dream of building a lifestyle business and you very well know how to build one. You have all the needed skills and knowledge. But, where’s the time? Your day is already crammed up; day job, family time and other errands. Your dream to build a business is being pushed around and now it almost seems an unreality. Well, there’s good news for you.

James Martell is a veteran who’s running online businesses for almost 20 years and has worked with 500+ freelancers during these long years. His Affiliate Marketing business started way back in 1999 and he’s into podcasting since late 2003. In this episode, he talks about where to find low cost freelancers and how to build a virtual team of freelance talent to support you.

Virtual Team! What is it and Why You Need One?

The advent of Internet and advances in communication technologies made the world a global village. Even some of the undeveloped countries now have access to high-speed Internet. The people here have learnt great technical skills like building websites, designing graphics, editing audio and video, working on social media and many more. They’re being great in the English language as well, so they’re able to write and speak good English.

Because of the low cost of living in these countries, these people are readily available with a fraction of the remuneration you’d pay your staff in a brick and mortar type office setting.

Sometimes, the reality might be you don't know everything and so many different talents are needed to run your business. Technical problems and the little things that pop up can so quickly take you off track and waste the better part of a day may be working on a tech issue that is just not something you should be working on. You may only need to assign a project before you go to sleep and wake up to realize it already finished.

How to Build a Virtual Team

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and a few others are a place where you can find highly talented low-cost freelancers. Most of these guys are well educated certified professionals who want to make a few bucks on the side. It is a simple as creating an account and posting a job with details of your job needs. In no time you’re flooded with great proposals and you can soon start hiring freelance talent. Once you hire a few people, you surround yourself with them by creating them accounts and collaborating with them in your project management software like Basecamp or ActiveCollab. You just need to send a notification for your team to jump on to the tasks you’ve assigned, whenever you’re in need of their services. This is how to build a virtual team; your key to succeed in your Affiliate Marketing business.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • What is a virtual team and why you need one
  • Building a business that works so YOU don't have to; and how you can see success much faster
  • The 15-minute rule: It will make you nothing but money and it'll save you nothing but money
  • Why building a virtual team of freelancers is really the key to succeeding in Affiliate Marketing
  • What you can expect to pay and why it's really not worth your time to do the work yourself


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