AB #489 | 4 Pillars for Building an Online Business You Can Sell for 6 to 7 Figures with Mark Daoust, President of Quiet Light Brokerage

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Mark Daoust founder of quietlightbrokerage.com and today we are talking about "How to build an online business you can sell".

Have You Ever Dreamed of Selling Your Online Business?

A lot of entrepreneurs have the vision to build a business and sell it down the road for 6 or 7 figures, but have no idea of the steps involved. We hear stories all the time, where businesses are bought and sold for millions of dollars, but we are never priveledge to the details of the deal.

Over the last 10 years, Mark has sold more than 600+ websites and over $100,000,000 in total transaction value and today he shares some of the factors that his company looks for when determining the value of the business for sale.

How to Build an Online Business You Can Sell

When determining the value of your company, Mark has 4 pillars he uses to decide on the value of a business and goes into detail on these core factors that businesses need to pay attention to. If you are looking to build a quality business that will be attractive to buyers, listen as Mark explains these 4 pillars in detail, and use these as the blueprint to see how your business is being rated.

Some Determining Factors When Planning Your Exit

Mark talks about the steps his firm takes to determine the value of the business. He talks about the dozens of factors he looks at, and what prospective buyers are interested in.

There are very specific proceedures and quesitons that get asked by the brokerage firm to decide on the value of the business. Is the business established and making money? Or is it groundbreaking and changing the industry? They are looking for a good sustainable profitable business that have their books in order and are well organized.

Are You Positioned To Sell?

When positioning yourself for sale - take each of the 4 pillars and apply it to your business. How well you do in these 4 pillars, the higher the value. It takes a good 12-18 months to prepare your business for sale. When you are ready to sell, Mark offers a free valuation so you can get a better understanding of your companies value, or find out what steps you need change to get maximum value.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • The 4 pillars that determine the value of an online business
  • The questions the brokerage firm asks when considering selling a site
  • How to position and build an online business you can sell
  • The reasons why people buy a business and what buyers are interested in
  • The factors a buyer looks at when considering the sale
  • Historical events that impacted the value of online businesses
  • One of Marks favorite deals over the years
  • How to get a free valuation of your business



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