AB #492 | How to Build and Monetize a Facebook Community with Joint Venture/Affiliate Partnerships with Marc Mawhinney

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Marc Mawhinney, developer of Natural Born Coaches and the Coaching Jungle Facebook group and today they are talking about how to build, grow and monetize a Facebook community.

Marc, now in his 5th year of coaching, has always had the mission to help build successful coaches. Marc talks about his Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, which is specific to coaches, and now has over 10,000 members.

Thinking Of Starting A Facebook Group?

Marc talks about how what kind of efforts needs to go into it daily, and how he is active in the group. He talks about the value the coaches get, even if they do not buy his online programs. He talks about the frequency of his posts, using polls and how Facebook groups are the best market research to get questions answered.

How to Build, Grow and Monetize a Facebook Community

Some people have a sense of dread when it comes to selling products within their group. Marc says you do not need to nurture the relationship. As long as the information is useful, you can weave in offers, teaching, giving a session and then link to an offer. Not a heavy sales pitch. James says people love to spend money, so never be afraid to talk about your products.

The Benefits of a Paid Print Newsletter

Marc talks about his print newsletter and why entreprenuers should do them. They have worked really well for him and he has a lot of paying subscribers that get his print newletter physically delivered to their door. He discusses why he does not offer a digital copy, as is the norm. James talks about the magic of getting items in a real envelope as opposed to an email.

Marc also talks about why he sends out a daily email, why it works for him to build his relationships, what he talks about and what he promotes.

The Keys to Joint Ventures and Affiliate programs

Marc talks about the key to Joint ventures and how to find someone who can compliment what you do. He talks about having a high quality partner to venture with and why they can really deliver. He also talks about the price point that works best.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • What he learned starting a Facebook group
  • How to build, grow and monetize a Facebook community
  • Why providing value turns into paying members
  • The types of content and how often to post
  • How to weave in your offers
  • Why his print newsletter really works
  • Why he is a huge fan of daily emails


Facebook group - The Coaching Jungle

Marc's Website: Natural born coaches

Print Newsletter

Marc's Podcast: Themarcshow.com


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