AB #465 | How to Create a Life Travelling the World, with Sponsored Travel (FREE Hotels, Sightseeing, Transport, and Food), with Daddy Blogger, Ricky Shetty

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell catches up with Daddy Blogger and digital nomad Ricky Shetty, about how to create a life travelling the world with sponsored travel.

Ricky is currently travelling the world with his wife Anne along with their three children 5 and under. He talks with James about his early life of travelling, and what prompted him to leave his suburban lifestyle behind and hit the road again – but this time with family in tow. They talk about what it’s like travelling with small children, and what motivated Anne and His choice of destinations. Ricky also explains to James how to get started in getting sponsored travel, and how he translated a love of travelling into a full-time lifestyle.

How to Create a Life Travelling the World with Sponsored Travel

Do you want to get FREE hotel stays, sightseeing tours, food and more? It seems too good to be true, but Ricky tells James that all you need is to start local. He explains that by starting with local businesses and focusing on tourism boards, he gets other people to coordinate most of his trips. Sometimes that even includes pre-paid cards to use while in town, food vouchers, or Uber credits!

Ricky points out, however, that a big part of the game is in the numbers. The more you pitch, the more likely you’ll get a “yes”. He explains to James what a pitch should look like, whether you’re talking to a tourism board or directly to a hotel or sightseeing company. He then explains why it is that people are often willing to give out freebies, in exchange for a little publicity.

Translating a Hobby into a Lifestyle

How do you transition from a side-hustle travel blogger into a full-timer? Ricky insists it isn’t easy. But he lays out for James the four big costs to travelling, and the order you should tackle them in. If you can get them covered one by one, then you’ll save money on your trip in the most efficient way. Ricky also explains to James that travel hacking can help you cut down on expenses too.

Making revenue, though, can be a little harder. Like most affiliate marketing, Ricky explains, making money as a travel blogger is essentially about building and nurturing an audience. He recommends brand-building and other techniques, and that once you have a loyal audience, the revenue will follow. From the there the world is your oyster and how to create a life travelling the world, with sponsored travel (FREE Hotels, Sightseeing, Transport, and Food)

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • How to create a life travelling the world, with sponsored travel
  • The highs and lows of travelling with small children
  • Where to start when looking for travel sponsorship's
  • Why approaching tourism boards is an essential tool
  • How to pitch directly to other businesses like hotels and sightseeing companies
  • The FOUR big costs to budget for when you’re travelling?
  • Where does the money come from in travel blogging?



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