AB #353 | Learn to Create and Sell Your Own Digital Products (from Someone who has Made Millions in Online Sales)

Miles Baker

Miles Baker, Founder of ClickScoop

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by Miles Baker, ClickBank Affiliate and Vendor, author of Marketing with Miles and host of the ClickScoop podcast. They will be discussing how to create and sell your own digital products to live a dream lifestyle.

This episode begins with Miles explaining his journey to becoming a top 100 ClickBank Affiliate and vendor. Miles story starts when he signed up to an online system called Cookie Cutter in 1998. During the sign-up process he had to enlist with ClickBank.

At the time, Miles lived in a studio apartment in a poor city. He didn’t own a computer; instead he worked on his father’s office computer at night.

Eighteen months later, he received a cheque for seven dollars and thirty-eight cents. Miles didn’t know how he had earned that money and did some research. Soon he realised the money was related to his affiliate sales made with ClickBank. He then recognized how much could be achieved online through a passive income.

From this point he decided to see if he could take it further. He looked into how to run successful ClickBank campaigns and within two years he was making five figures every month.

Meeting James For The First Time

Early in his career, Miles had come across James’ book and read it. He then followed the Affiliate Buzz and burned copies of episodes onto CD to listen to them into the car. Miles had even taken a backlinks course taught by James. This enabled him to create a website that earned five figures of revenue a month.

Then in 2008, Miles approached James in a bar during an Affiliate Summit. Since this moment the two have had many conversations and built a friendship.

This highlights one of the benefits of attending conferences, as James has spoken about before in previous episodes.

Success Continues

During the podcast, Miles talks about his career and how he built his affiliate business and sold his own digital products successfully. Some of the key moments in his career include:

  • When he found he had maxed out the earning potential of the ClickBank book Secrets of the Big Dog.
  • Creating his own website selling guides on how people could copy DVDs.
  • When a competitor took the movie industry to court to keep the copying business alive.
  • When he turned his guide into a software program.
  • When he had to shut down his DVD copying business.

Miles also talks about his biggest failures. He has had some PPC campaigns which have flopped but generally he has had a successful career. The key to that was by being confident in his products and knowing how he was going to market and sell them before launching. He believes this minimises the chances for failure.

ClickBank Statistics

Prior to the episode, James has pulled some statistics for ClickBank from their site and Wikipedia and shares them with listeners.

According to the statistics, they are the world leader in performance marketing of digital products. In 2011, they attracted over 1.5 million affiliate marketers, paid out $1.8 billion dollars in revenue to vendors and marketers, processed 35,000 transactions per day and generated $350 million profit.

Miles has been with ClickBank for over a decade. He believes it is a great platform for selling your digital products. They do most of the back end work for the vendor, from converting currencies to keeping aside tax. They also offer different payment methods for consumers.

According to Miles, they have excellent customer services to respond to customer queries. If there is anything too technical about the product they pass those questions onto the vendor.

One of the biggest offers they have is their affiliate program. They have a huge network of affiliates and there is little work for the vendor to do.

Miles then goes through the necessary steps you need to set up an account and sell on the platform. ClickBank does require you to pay a $49 account activation fee and have a product sales page and a thank you page on your website. But you can sell 100 products through one ClickBank account.

Generating Success On Your Page

Miles suggests if you want to sell digital products ClickBank you create an affiliate page on your website and include a host of resources for them to use. These resources could include banners, email copy and explainer videos.

If you want to have many affiliates he suggests offering a high commission. For instance, Miles looks for commissions that range between 50-75%.

You also need to ensure that your website is highly optimised for selling your digital product. That means having great copy that can sell. Miles also really recommends you don’t have an opt-in function on sales page but you should post a video.

MindValley recently wrote on their website about how they experimented with sales text and video and what were the results of their campaign.

Miles then discusses how important it is to know your visitor numbers and behaviour. James uses CrazyEgg while other options include Youtube. These allow you to see where visitors are abandoning your sales page so you can adjust them.

Finally Miles answers the following questions.

  • What is the ‘Pitch Plus’ ClickBank product?
  • How does someone secure their digital products?
  • What are the price limitations on ClickBank?
  • What are his three quick tips to recruit affiliates?
  • What are the top three things a new vendor should be doing?
  • His responses to the quick fire round.



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