AB #378 | How to Create Quality Digital Products, Earn Passive Income and Work from Home

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell along with his wife Arlene, shares some tips and takeaways on how to create quality digital products, earn passive income and work from home.

James points out that working from home offers a lot of benefits. He turns to Arlene who describes the sunny, beautiful day outside. Because she's not cooped up in a cubicle all day, she can enjoy the fresh, Pacific air from the comfort of her own patio or gazebo.

Benefits of Meeting Up with Other Entrepreneurs

James then shares about a recent speaking engagement he had at the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group. At the last minute, he convinced Arlene to go with him - something she could do because of her work-from-home schedule.

Next James recommends checking out Meetup.com for gatherings related to marketing or affiliate marketing. He and Arlene have found it very beneficial to use these gatherings to meet new friends and network with other businesses. Just because it's an affiliate product doesn't mean you can't promote it to the offline world as well.

James offers a firsthand, quick review of a gadget he found at Affiliate Summit in January called the JBL Charge 2. It's a Bluetooth-driven speaker the size of a tall beer can. Arlene was dubious at first, but after seeing it in action agrees that it's an invaluable tool.

How Digital Products Can Increase Your Passive Income

The topic of digital products is near and dear to James and Arlene's hearts, as they've been using them alongside their affiliate business for more than a dozen years.

  • THE AFFILIATE MARKETER'S HANDBOOK 2002 was James' first foray into writing a book and hiring an editor. It took him about six months, but the time was well-spent as the book sold over 5,000 copies.
  • THE AFFILIATE BUZZ was the Martell's next digital product. This allowed students to better connect with James and Arlene and ask questions. At a fee of $10 per month, they had more than 500 subscribers for nearly five years.
  • DIGITAL COURSES and BOOT CAMPS followed the success of the eBook and the podcast.
  • THE SCHOOL OF INTERNET MARKETING is the most recent digital product offered by James and Arlene Martell. It was founded to meet the needs of business owners who want to understand and use the most powerful internet marketing tools as quickly as possible.

James points out that these courses all revolve around an eBook, an audio, online membership, or some other type of digital product.

Advantages of Having Your Own Digital Product

Next James and Arlene talk about the advantages of having your own digital product. One of the biggest reasons is that you get to claim 100% of the sales, unlike an affiliate program where you just earn a percentage of the sales.

James says another benefit is that you get to control everything: the landing pages, your lead magnet, and the entire sales process from beginning to end. On the affiliate side, you can only control leading the customer to the online shopping cart.

Then James shares another huge benefit, which is that you can start your own affiliate program. This is how James doubled the amount of sales for the first eBook he ever published.

Arlene points out that it's great to have your own product, because it's another revenue stream for your website. James adds that there is a high level of prestige that comes with creating your own product, and that it can open doors for indirect benefits, like speaking engagements.

Additionally, because the digital product is digital, then once you create it there is no cost to manufacture print copies. These digital products include eBooks, podcasts, digital courses, and membership sites.

James cautions that instead of trying to create everything and winding up with fluff, choose one product and take the time to commit to create a good product. Get a graphic designer for the cover, an editor if you're writing work, and other people who are relevant to your team and get creating.

James and Arlene held the first organized, sequential training on the topic of Affiliate Marketing back in 2001. The students started to get so busy that it became more difficult for them to attend live trainings. James took the opportunity to turn his materials into The Affiliate Marketers Handbook.

How to Create Quality Digital Products for Passive Income

James explains that if you have the subject matter, then creating a digital course is not that difficult. He said the same goes for an eBook. Arlene agrees, and points out that they always start with the table of contents so they know what they want to cover.

Arlene then points out that it's easier to create content when you assume that your reader knows nothing, because then the table of contents sets the foundation for what's to come. James says he tries to keep it down to 8 to 10 steps, with a some bite-sized baby steps within each step.

James adds that he includes a section titled "How to Get The Most Out of This (digital product)". The section prepares students mentally and helps them prepare a schedule to get the work done, avoid distractions, stay organized, passwords, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Then James uses the example of his most recent digital product, Podcast Mastery. They tucked what they were going to cover into 8 steps, and added a series of parts and baby steps within each step.

James warns that you don't have to take off for three months or bury yourself to create the who course at once. Create a lesson per week and you can create as you go, selling the entire product before you're even finished creating it. James goes by step-by-step how he creates each section for Podcast Mastery.

There's a brand new way to sign up for the Affiliate Buzz. Send a blank email to affiliate_buzz@aweber.com if you'd like to subscribe.


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