AB #495 | How to Design Your Dream Lifestyle with Josh Stanton, Co-founder of ScrewtheNinetoFive.com

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Josh Stanton, founder of ScrewTheNineToFive.com about how to design your dream lifestyle and how they use cornerstone content to build passive affiliate revenue to enjoy the "work from anywhere, live from anywhere" lifestyle.

How to Design Your Dream Lifestyle: Work and Live Anywhere

Josh talks about organizing his life with a new baby and still running a successful business. They wanted a lifestyle business where they could work from anywhere, travel, and looked at several models and affiliate marketing met that goal. They loved not having customers and just referring sales to the advertiser. He talks about how they made a six figure income within the first year and how they have actually lived the "work from anywhere, live from anywhere" lifestyle.

How to Use Cornerstone Content

Josh shares what cornerstone content is, and how he uses it to build passive affiliate revenue. He shares his step by step plan, preparation and process to prepare the content, and what he does with the finished in-depth pieces. He talks about ranking 150+ keywords, the layout of the article, the affiliate links, getting backlinks and how he uses sidebar banners. He then talks about the initial entry points that lead off to generate revenue off the back end, and how to design your dream lifestyle using cornerstone content.

Podcasting to Build Your Brand

Josh talks about the podcast, why they started it and loved that it is an incredible way to connect with people. He talks about how the podcast allowed people to get to know them on a deep level, which in turn builds trust. He talks about what mistakes they made and how it dramatically contributed to getting their brand out there. He shares tips for starting a podcast and what you need to ask yourself to make sure you are a good candidate.

Listen to learn:

  • How his affiliate marketing business grew to six-figures in a year
  • How to design a dream lifestyle for your family
  • A step by step plan, preparation and process to prepare content
  • How he ranks for 150+ keywords
  • Gathering a ton of traffic from Google
  • How average time on page adds extra high value to your website
  • Why it is important to build relationships and strategic partnerships
  • How podcasts grow your business
  • Tips for starting your podcast



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