AB #379 | How to Earn $2,000-$3,000 a Month with Audio Marketing

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and his wife Arlene reveal how to earn $2,000 to $3,000 per month with audio marketing.

James kicks off the episode by sharing strategies that he and Arlene have successfully used to generate revenue for many, many years now. One such strategy is podcasting, which is such a nice fit for affiliates and the affiliate model because essentially, it's just a method of marketing.

Then James explains that audio is coming on strong for perhaps the first time in marketing history. Google originally indexed texts, then images, and then jumped straight to video. Somehow the audio portion got missed. James shares his surprise that more people aren't using this powerful tool.

The conversation then segues into strategies for using audio to better engage audiences on your website. During this episode, James and Arlene also discuss about products to create to help gain audiences. If you missed the previous episode, Affiliate Buzz #378, then head there next to learn about selling your own products and getting 100% profit.

Overcoming the Biggest Audio Stumbling Block

The biggest stumbling block is having a place to record. James uses Audacity by SourceForge, a free software which is as easy to master as Microsoft Word. In the past when introducing other affiliates to the software, James has found that they've picked it up in just a few minutes.

After downloading the software, the next thing he suggests is to get a decent headset. James recommends the one he uses, a German-made model by Sennheiser that Arlene got for him. It plugs in via USB, has excellent sound quality, and costs under $50 USD. Listeners can visit http://www.podcastingmastery.com/headset for more details.

Recording is as easy as hitting the red button on the software application and recording. If you don't like what you hear, then you can delete and re-record. Otherwise you can edit out um's, ah's, and other pregnant pauses to tighten up the recording right in the software - the same methods used by other professionals.

How to Use Audio Marketing to Create Money

Next James talks about ways you can use audio to create money. In other words, audio increases the chance to generate a higher number of sales to increase your bottom line. The methods James and Arlene discuss during this episode include:

1. Audio Newsletter
When sent out once or twice a month, an audio newsletter can take the text version to the next level. Instead of narrating your text newsletter, share something relevant like:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Industry News
  • Tutorials

When you offer relevant information via audio, you'll gain readers who prefer to listen over read.

2. Audio Courses
An audio course, James has found, is easier to put together than a video course. More importantly, people prefer attending audio courses as they can download and listen wherever is convenient, including on the commute to and from their day job.

The example James uses in this episode is Guest Blogging Mastery, a course with 12 fifteen-minute episodes. Putting together an audio course is no different from putting a course together in an eBook, video, or other document. The steps are:

a. Organize your information, such as separating into chapters or other sections.
b. Choose your preferred media format(s), which could be audio, print, or video.
c. Edit your own audio files or hire someone from Elance (approx. cost $120 USD) to edit them for you with some nice theme music.
d. Have someone from Elance transcribe the audio into an eBook (approx. cost $100 USD.)
e. Hire someone from Elance to create an attractive cover for your eBook (approx. cost $50 USD.)
f. Put some marketing materials (approx. cost $200 USD) around it and a sales price on your product.

Now you've got an audio course that sounds really top-notch complete with a companion workbook that you've put together for around $500. James suggests attaching a pricetag of $47 to $97 per course. You sell a few courses at those prices and you've broken even financially on what you put into it, and the rest is sheer profit.

James suggests using an online global internet retailer like ClickBank to sell your product. You can set up an affiliate link so that people who share your product and generate sales for you get a small portion of the profit in return.

Arlene adds that while it might take a bit of a learning curve, in the end you will wind up with a really great product that you can sell. And then you can keep selling this program, over and over again. That makes it so worth any initial time spent learning the process.

As part of selling the course, give the first couple of lessons for free. In these early lessons you can mention your own affiliate offers. Tie them into the content that you've created. Then you can earn revenue through your affiliates via the people who buy your course.

James wraps up the episode by discussing place to start with adding affiliates. Add these in while developing the table of contents for your course. If you pour your time and energy into that, then everything else becomes backfilling the content. You can look at what other people have done for examples of how to develop your own.

There's a brand new way to sign up for the Affiliate Buzz. Send a blank email to affiliate_buzz@aweber.com if you'd like to subscribe.

Audacity - http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/
Sennheiser Stereo USB Headset for PC - http://www.podcastingmastery.com/headset
Guest Blogging Mastery - http://www.theschoolofinternetmarketing.com/lp/guest-blogging-mastery/
Elance - https://www.elance.com/
ClickBank - http://www.clickbank.com/


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