Affiliate Buzz #233 – How to Get (and Stay) Organized

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell on how to get and stay organized in the fast pace online world.

Working from home whether online or off is filled with both rewards and challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge intertwines perfectly with the biggest reward, working at your own pace and on your desired schedule.

The freedom that comes with this luxury often leads to disorganization and missed deadlines. But even with the freedom of working from home you can have a scheduled work environment that is both organized and efficient, leading you up the latter of success.

Arlene shares the typical life of a work from home parent with a full work load online as well as in the home. The demands of housework, meal preparation and tending to kids remains regardless of your work load. The trick is being able to organize and manage both in a productive manner.

Organizing Your Work Load for Efficiency and Success

James and Arlene share practical tips they use on a daily basis to help them stay organized in their day to day routines of managing a home and working online. Through the simplicity of "to do" lists Arlene shares tips on organizing her days in a way anyone can replicate.

During this edition of the Buzz you'll hear tips on organizing lists for daily tasks as well as weekly tasks, setting up a schedule that includes household responsibilities and ways to ensure you can stick to it!

But setting a schedule and making lists is only the beginning. It's important to find ways to keep you on target AND reduce stress. That's why James and Arlene share various tools they use to keep everything in order and at their fingertips.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Arlene talk about:

  • The importance of organizing your day
  • Tools that aid in organization
  • Keeping your tasks at your fingertips
  • Hiring a virtual assistant to lighten the load

In addition to covering off organization and to do lists you'll discover the value of hiring a virtual assistant to minimize your workload and relieve stress from the work at home lifestyle.

When it comes to working at home and keeping up with your daily routines as well it's crucial to master the art of organization. Listen in to this edition of the Buzz for some good starter tips on getting your day organized.

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