AB #441 | How to get FREE Media Attention to Expand Your Audience, Increase Fees and Boost Sales with Andrew O’Brien, The Publicity Guy

In this week's episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks with Andrew O'Brien, aka "The Publicity Guy", about how to get free media attention that can expand your audience, promote your brand and increase your bottom line.

Andrew is the founder of The Publicity Guy, a PR firm that’s on a mission to change the world of publicity. They don’t just go after media exposure…they want their clients to be known across continents as authorities in their fields. Leveraging the limelight is the backbone of their strategy. Andrew uses a sales-accelerated, proven business model to help entrepreneurs gain and leverage media exposure to create stronger brands and build larger, more interactive audiences.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

So how did Andrew become The Publicity Guy? By leveraging his own, unique, personal story. In Andrew’s case, that story includes some pretty hard knocks, including prostitution, war, suicide and murder. Andrew began telling his story and in the process became an expert on publicity. He has spoken at the White House and the Pentagon and has appeared on over 70 media channels including MTV, USA Today, MSNBC, BBC, NHK World, Al Jazeera and many other large-scale networks.

All that exposer taught him one thing: when the media recognizes you as an expert, so does everyone else. The media has a superpower- the power to sway opinions.

Most of us won’t have a story quite as dramatic as Andrew’s, but everyone has a story. The secret is to know how to leverage it. Andrew will explain how entrepreneurs can target their efforts (no spray and pray mass emails), use their personal networks and convert publicity into no leads and increased sales.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Andrew’s whole career was built on media exposure. Listen now as he explains:

  • Where media outlets find their experts
  • How you can leverage yourself as an expert
  • The difference between a staff writer and a contributor and which one you should approach
  • Why you can’t buy a feature article
  • His Visibility-to-Growth Formula (Message, Market, Media & Magnetism)
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make
  • How to get free media attention the right way
  • A secret techniques for sending mail that will stand out and get attention
  • How to transform publicity into automated sales and lead generation


Andrew wants to share knowledge and tools that will allow you to go beyond the “spray and pray” technique of seeking publicity. He offers an online course, a one day intensive, consulting and done for you services. Check out these links for more information on what The Publicity Guy has to offer:

Andrew’s website - http://thepublicityguy.com
Ready to use, copy and paste email – http://course.thepublicityguy.com/template
The Publicity Academy – http://thepublicityguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ThePublicityAcademy.pdf


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