AB #498 | How to Maximize Money in Minimum Time Online with Ken McCarthy, Founder of The System Seminar

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Ken McCarthy, a true Internet Pioneer and founder of The System Seminar and Club about "How to Maximize Money in Minimum Time Online".

Since 1993 Ken has developed state of the art training that has helped many hundreds of students make online income. Ken takes us back to having one of the very first Internet Conferences, and his early interest and phenomenon of marketing, what he learned from others and how to apply it to historic shift of the online world. He shares the big innovations that exploded the world of the global Internet, and how the pioneers started to make money with direct response advertising.

Ken shares how the System Seminar started, teaching people they needed to sell things, the start of Pay-per-click and tracking ads, and why to approach things in a systematic way. He breaks down the sales process, and how the sales page needs to look to generate traffic.

He discusses opt-in offers, funnels and following up. He says there are too many seminars just pushing sales with great performers and offers, but not actually teaching quality content. Ken did not allow any pitching, keeping attendees and speakers both very happy.

Tips to Maximize Money in Minimum Time Online

Ken lives by, and shares his brilliant equation that exclaims "there are only two things that really determine the amount of profit you make online". He says the rules that work in normal business, work on the Internet too. He talks about the challenge of a continuous "new bell and whistle" where people thought they would be catapulted to instant wealth.

He talks about what you must do online, and forget everything else! Ken also shares the 7 key decision points to starting a business, and how your marketing efforts need to strategic plus what questions need to be answered if you want to make money.

The Most Common Mistakes People Make

Ken shares why people do not make money and why people underestimate building a business. Overnight successes are not done overnight. He shares why his offline experience was able to launch his online success. If he were to say what most successful people do, he would say they read and deepen, and broaden their knowledge at all times. Then they need to go out and carve their own path.

Ken also shares the story of one of his most successful students, and how he was able to quickly apply what he learned into an action. He shares the initial steps to getting started and building a following and why building a great foundation is so very important.

Kens quote: "There are marketing fundamentals, and you better know them".

Listen to learn:

  • Kens proven business strategies he learned over 25 years
  • The first law of Internet Marketing
  • The core principles from "System Secrets" to make money
  • How to maximize money in minimum time online
  • Why you need to give people a strong reason to join your mailing list
  • How to keep focused on the only things you need to make money
  • The 7 key decision points to starting a business
  • The one investment you must make as an entrepreneur



  1. Ed Keay-Smith says:

    Hey James

    Yes Ken McCarthy is a legend in the IM space.

    I remember very clearly inviting you along to the 2007 System Seminar in Chicago where you met Ken for the first time. It was a great event.

    The good old days buddy!

    I hope you and the family are all going well.


    Ed Keay-Smith

    • James Martell says:

      Hi Ed,

      Yes, a legend for sure.

      And, I do thank you for the invite. I ended up speaking at the event 4 years in a row, and it made a BIG impact on our business. 🙂

      The family is great. I hope the same for you.



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