AB #494 | How to Nail Your Dream Job in the Affiliate Marketing Industry with Mike Carney of PerformanceMarketingJOBS.com

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Mike Carney of PerformanceMarketingJobs.com, the Pinnacle Awards winner for Service-of-the-Year at Affiliate Summit 2018, about the typical roles employers are looking to fill and how to nail your dream job in the pay-for-performance industry.

Mike Carney is a 21 year Online Veteran who for the past 5 years has lead PerformanceMarketingJobs, the leading recruitment agency in the Performance Marketing space. Mike works with both Candidates: who are looking for a confidential way to find and land a career advancement opportunity that matches their future goals, as well as Employers, who are looking to hire.

On the Buzz, we have never discussed recruitment opportunities and how to get a job in the affiliate marketing industry, but there are so many opportunities in the space and so many great employers looking to hire. Mike talks about his background and how he crossed paths with an Affiliate Network, which led to an education in the different ways to make money online.

What Are Recruitment Services?

Mike saw an opportunity in the recruitment services space, as it is getting harder and harder for companies to find great talent. An Agency, or Outsourced Program Manager, cannot rely on referrals from friends and family anymore. The services being provided are immense and they are looking for a specific employee with a range of experience.

Who are Employers Looking to Hire?

Mike discusses the type of talent and positions that companies are looking for, and the types of people that fulfill those roles. People who are currently employed, do not want it announced publicly that they are looking for a new position, which makes this a valuable service. He also discusses the advantages of working remotely, how it works and the cost savings to employers.

How to Nail Your Dream Job

Mike discusses how this works from both the employer and the employee side. He explains the rate structure for employers compared to other head-hunters. There is no fee for the candidates seeking employment, but people are invited to reach out to book a private call. Mike shares his vetting process and only sends through extremely qualified candidates to employers. He also shares really great tips for candidates who are looking for work.

Listen Now as Mike shares:

  • How to nail your dream job with recruitment services
  • What types of companies are looking for employees
  • The criteria the candidates must possess
  • How candidates can job search but maintain confidentiality
  • How candidates and employers can apply
  • The vetting process giving employers qualified candidates
  • Tips for candidates looking to land a great job



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