AB #482 | A Simple Plan for Earning $10,000 a Month with Captain Tony Valentino

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks with Captain Tony Valentino to discuss ‘A Simple Plan for earning $10,000 a Month Serving SmarterLocal Businesses’. Tony Valentino is a special guest who’s a local customer acquisition specialist and a serial entrepreneur. Today, he joins James to talk about how to start a local marketing agency and earn big money by serving local customers.

Tony is an "academic geek" and has a degree in Electronics who is a Yacht Captain by profession. He currently lives in Bahamas who still works on boats and takes people to nice beaches around the world. His boating career spans 30 long years. He has been studying internet marketing and search engine optimization for more than 10 years. He also learned how to build high-quality websites that market to the right audience and to drive profitable traffic.

How to Start a Local Marketing Agency

Do you know you can make a big buck selling Internet marketing services to local businesses? Those skills which you already possess as an Affiliate/ Internet marketer can be a big win for these local businesses. The local electronics’ store, mattress’ stores and local other businesses are at the verge of closing down due to competition from the ‘Amazons’ especially due to lack of marketing skills on the Internet.

In this episode, James and Tony talk about how they got in touch with potential clients through simple questions and casual conversations. Some of these clients ask for more services or refer to other businesses.

Outsourcing Your Work to Low Cost Freelance Professionals

You might be wondering how to start a local marketing agency; the infrastructure, the employees and all the other stuff you’ll have to manage. Now, there’s Good News! Low cost freelance talent is at your disposal that became available because of the advent of Internet. Especially, people from low cost Asian and African countries are readily available. With a little bit of searching and patience on websites like Upwork you can have someone with almost equal expertise as a local and you pay him less than 20% of what you’d pay a local person.

They discuss how you can communicate on a daily basis like in an office setting using Skype or Zoom. No office space, no employees to manage. And, after all this, you walkway with a clean 70% of all the margins.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to start a local marketing agency in your local market
  • The level of potential profitability for marketers while serving these local clients
  • How you can be a big win for these local businesses because of your knowledge
  • Who ideal clients are and what it takes to become a SmarterLocal Partner
  • The exact types of clients you want to attract
  • How to earn $200-$400 without leaving your desk
  • The portability of the business, meaning being able to talk and serve people without meeting them face to face.
  • How services are fulfilled, how much time needs to be spent working with a particular client
  • How you can outsource all of your work to low cost freelance professionals
  • What's included in the SmarterLocal Partner Program
  • How to have a happier and more profitable 2018



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