Afiliate Buzz #152 – Mark Schoenrock, RC Airplane Hobbiest and Professional Jeweler, Shares How He Took His Passions And Turned Them Into Profitable Websites

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast, James Martell talks with SUPER BootCamp member Mark Schoenrock and discusses choosing a topic you are familiar with, some strategies in building two websites, copywriting resources, the advantages of getting to know your affiliate manager, podcasting, outsourcing and 3 big mistakes to avoid.

Mark resides in a community about an hour north of Detroit, a city known as the automotive capital of the world. Because of the economy, Mark sees many foreclosures in his city and is thankful for having a way to earn an online income.

Mark first found James online when he wanted to take his model airplane business online ( Like most newcomers to the Internet, he got his site up… then waited and waited but nothing really happened.  He says he simply did not have the skills or knowledge to promote his website.

After completing the Backlinks Workshop and putting the PAD technique to work, things started to change.  Now a year later, traffic is up 200% and continuing to grow.  Mark has learned to develop a mailing list and use it to hire writers who already have an interest in his topic.  This works great – they were already knowledgeable on the subject and liked to have their names in the author credit.  James and Mark discuss how the PAD technique has helped Mark to now rank number 1 to 3 in the Google search for almost all his keywords.

As a profession, Mark has been in the jewelry industry since 1977 and developed a wide array of skills including sales, manufacturing, repair, cutting, stone fastening plus more, beyond that of a typical jeweler.  He knew he had secrets he could share to help consumers take the fear out of purchasing, and providing tips to save them money.  Hence, was created.

He wanted to develop a site where any question could be answered. He also added his own merchants to the site so visitors could buy jewelry online from someone they trust.  He has a great ebook that is jam packed with insightful information that will guide consumers to make the best jewelry buying decisions possible without spending any more than they need to.

James asked Mark about the value of getting your merchant on the phone.  Mark found out that they want you to succeed and not only provide you with valuable information; they can give you a boost of motivation and share what is selling and what tools they have to assist you.

Over the years, Mark has paid a fair penny to have content written until he found a copywriting resource that changes all that.  Even if you decide not to write the content yourself, you should be educated in the process.  He found a course online called “”, paid the $17 and received 15 videos and a PDF plus a 2 page worksheet.  Within days, his copy was converting and he was thrilled with the results.

When Mark first decided to do a podcast, he was nervous about all the little things, and finally just did it and got them into iTunes.  He found a clever way to get listeners back to his site and on his newsletter list.

James and Mark discuss how to utilize Google documents to communicate with your writer.  Mark consistently adds 4 articles a week, scours Google alerts for articles of interest and press releases he can use for content.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Mark talk about:

  • The advantages of selecting a topic you know about
  • A Copywriting resource that is extremely helpful
  • Using the PAD technique to increase conversion
  • Getting the most out of your affiliate manager
  • Using a podcast to increase content
  • 3 mistakes to avoid

And if you are...

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  1. Natalia Kim says:

    I've been a fan of James Martell for quite a few years now and still, it's amazing the QUALITY of the information, including the interviews. This one was a real kick to me because I'm just starting up a brand new affiliate-portal (Spanish) and just to listen (apart from learning) cheers up the day.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Cheers from a Swede in Spain!!!

  2. Andy says:

    I popped into the site from the interest to RC aeroplanes, but this was an interesting read. Turning the things one is passionate and knows a lot about into Internet business is very appealing thought, isn't it 🙂


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