Affiliate Buzz #79 – Increase Your Own Productivity and Your Profits After Taking a Break-ation

Listen in now as James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook discusses with Buzz host, Charles Johnston, where the idea of break-ations comes from (this is sure to surprise you) and why he finds these short vacations to be such an important part of his business success.

And, thanks to the Internet, James can stay on top of his booming business from anywhere, including while on his most recent two-day break-ation to an island off British Columbia, which includes a relaxing two-hour ferry ride each way, as he tells Charles.

But, that's not all. Not only will you follow along as James tells you how you can take a break-ation, clear your mind, and return to work with renewed commitment and creativity, but you will also learn the challenges every affiliate faces when telling people what they do. Best of all, you'll here some exciting information about Google and the Internet, including:

  • How the industry has matured
  • All about Google's unbelievable financial stability and what this means to affiliates
  • The 400 million people who rely on Google every month merchants positively and how this impacts YOUR bottom-line
  • The difference between Google AdSense revenue and merchant commissions paid by affiliates merchants
  • Google Webmaster Tools and what they are capable of doing

James and Charles also talk about pay-for-performance programs and while these programs just make more sense than traditional advertising, which requires merchants to pay upfront for publicity that may or may not work.

Of course, with the pay-for-performance model, merchants pay for profitable action, which explains why these merchants need affiliates, making this a great time to join this exciting, profitable arena.

And, because you can run your affiliate business from anywhere -- James talks of working while in Hawaii and even from an Internet cafe on a cruise ship, you and your family can finally enjoy the freedom that comes from working for yourself, using only an Internet connection to make profits month-after-month.

And if you are...

Ready To Get Serious About Affiliate Marketing?

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  1. Tony Corniel says:

    As always, James manages to provide interesting information even in a casual interview. There is just so much you can learn from James and so little time to do so. I truly think James has forgotten more about Internet marketing than most so called gurus know. I never fail to pick a tip or two from James. He is what I like to refer to as The Real Deal. Thank you James.

    Tony Corniel


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