AB #405 | Increasing Productivity – How Does Arlene Get So Much Done in a Week?

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell takes a closer look into the typical day and week of his wife and co-host, Arlene. James says Arlene is a master at increasing productivity and gets more done in less time than almost anyone he knows.

James kicks off the episode by giving Arlene credit for the reason he completes things on his list of things to do, including showing up on time to a meeting, event, or webinar.

A Typical Week in the Life of Arlene

Then James segues into what a typical day looks like for Arlene. The discussion includes time she takes off because of the the freedom of making her own schedule. Here is an example:

*Sunday Night: Map out schedule for the week by writing a list of everything that needs to get done and then making daily to-do lists.

*Weekday Mornings: Begin with the list of what needs to get done for that day. Arlene recognizes she may not complete everything on the list, but she gives it her best attempt.

  • Check business and personal emails
  • Answer any urgent messages from Basecamp
  • Check her main calendar which has items for multiple people in their family

*Weekday Afternoons: Arlene's afternoons include things related to working directly to members of their team. Because she outsources a lot of the work, she can set aside time during the day to spend with James and their children and grandchildren.

Members of James and Arlene's team include a graphic designer, an IT person, a couple of writers, and two virtual assistants. Having a couple of people in the same role expands the overall skills associated with that aspect of the job.

Because Arlene and James use Basecamp, it provides a central area to pass messages about various jobs. Arlene likes Basecamp because it conveniently keeps the thread of conversation going for different topics, which helps everyone stay more organized.

James mentions that Basecamp now offers a special, and urges listeners not to let another day go by before trying it. He and Arlene agree Basecamp has increased their efficiency. Arlene observes that it works equally well for individuals, as it keeps everything in one place.

*Weekday Evenings: If she has checked everything off her list, then after dinner Arlene can relax and unwind. Otherwise she may do some light work with the television playing in the background.

James and Arlene's Tips for Increasing Productivity

During the podcast James discusses their rule about dropping everything to answer questions from their freelancers. Unanswered questions sitting in an inbox result in holding up progress for other areas of projects, like publishing podcasts online.

Then Arlene explains that when it comes to keeping her calendar organized, she uses a color-coded system so she can easily find different things for family members and business-related items when looking at the entire month at a glance.

Arlene notes that a calendar and daily schedule help her better organize her day so she has adequate time to work without sacrificing precious time reserved for spending with her family, including her children, grandchildren, and even the granddogs.

James points out that Arlene's schedule also allows her to come and go as needed, whether it's to pick up an online purchase from a Facebook swap-and-shop group or pick up a grandchild from school. It a perk she wouldn't have commuting to work 9-to-5 in an office for someone else.

This schedule that allows Arlene to work from home also gives her the freedom to do more in her community, like Bible study or book club, or be more available for her family. The lack of a commute, formal dress code, and being able to work from home also help her save money.

Arlene encourages, "It's just so awesome. You still have to have the discipline to focus yourself and get the work done so you can make sure you're bringing the money in; but if you can pull it off? It is so worth it to have your own freedom."

Basecamp - https://basecamp.com/


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