AB #452 | Increasing Site Conversion Rates, Growing Online Revenues with Jennifer Myers Ward, Winner of the 2017 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Agency of the Year!

Increasing site conversion rates

In this episode James talks with Jennifer Myers Ward, CEO of Ebove & Beyond grew from just Jennifer on her own, to an award-winning agency. What defines a good OPM (outsource program manager) or agency, and how to “put yourself in the customer’s shoes” when trying to grow online revenue.

Ebove & Beyond is a boutique marketing agency that, through their dedication to each and every client, has enabled their clients’ affiliate programs to grow by triple digits year on year. In 2017, they won the prestigious Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for OPM/Agency of the Year. In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James and Jennifer discuss what makes a good agency, where to start when helping a brand in increasing site conversion rates, and what tools ebove & beyond uses to maximize results for their clients. Jennifer also explains why she loves e-mail marketing (when it’s done right) and her biggest tip for increasing conversion in affiliate programs.

The First Step to Increasing Site Conversion Rates

According to Jennifer, it’s the responsibility of an agency to align themselves with their clients’ brands as best they can, in order to grow their business. That’s while keeping the brand equity intact. One of the first steps she does at ebove & beyond is to put herself in the customers’ shoes, and go through a client’s website blindly.

James and Jennifer discuss what to look for on that first run through a client’s e-commerce website.  Why clients themselves can’t always see what issues might be lurking. They also discuss the importance of “gut feel” experience, and metrics. When it comes to analyzing a client’s offering.

As a bonus, Jennifer also explains to James why she loves e-mail marketing, and what it looks like when it’s done right.

Increasing Conversion Through Affiliate Programs

Jennifer’s top tip for increasing conversion through affiliate programs is that brands should diversify their portfolios! It’s a common trap loading up your campaigns with coupons or loyalty sites. The reason being success of those type sites can change dramatically, and quickly.

Listen as Jennifer lays out for James. How brands can look beyond the obvious for affiliate marketing opportunities, and find out what aligns with the customers.  She also gives James some examples of the types of channels brands can use to attract customers.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • How ebove & beyond grew from just Jennifer on her own, to an award-winning agency
  • What defines a good OPM (outsource program manager) or agency
  • How to “put yourself in the customer’s shoes” when trying to grow online revenue
  • The tools that ebove & beyond use to help them deliver results
  • Why e-mail marketing done right can be a big win
  • How to diversify your affiliate marketing portfolio, and why you’d want to
  • Examples of “beyond the obvious” affiliate marketing channels


Contact: Jennifer Myers Ward:  jennifer@eboveandbeyond.com
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