AB #386 | Finally, A Collection of Inexpensive ‘Landing Pages’ that Will Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell takes the helm without a guest to discuss landing pages, and reveals which ones he uses to skyrocket his conversion rates.

James dives right into the topic, starting with a collection of inexpensive landing pages that will literally skyrocket your conversion rate. When he swapped his landing pages out with these, he say conversion rates go from 2% up to as high as 40%.

Glancing Back at Past Affiliate Buzz Episodes

Looking back, James references Episode #380 of The Affiliate Buzz, titled "Projects You Can and Should Outsource". He feels that the majority of an affiliate marketer's job can be outsourced to other professionals who can do the work for a fraction of what it would cost you to do these things yourself.

Next James harkens back to Episode #381, "How to Look Like a Million Dollar Business on a Shoe String Budget". In that podcast, he and Arlene shared their inexpensive sources for stock photography, stock video, stock audio, templates for flyers and brochures, and more.

Then in Affiliate Buzz #383, James and Arlene talked about "Starting Business Over After Life Got In The Way". James says that happens after all of us would care to admit, whether we get sidetracked by illness, last minute holiday, or any other reason for derailment.

Finally James references Affiliate Buzz #384, "Creating a Presentation that Sells Affiliate Marketing Podcast". In that episode, they discussed Arlene's situation of dealing with her back pain and use the story as an example of how they might use it to promote and sell a related product or service.

Creating Better Landing Pages for Your Website

James then segues into the topic of landing pages. A landing page could be a dedicated webpage with an opt-in offer to get people on your email list. It could be a buy-page where you sell an eBook or a product. A landing page has a great headline and subheadline, very little text, maybe a video or audio, but it is designed to create an action, such as generate a lead, a purchase, and so forth.

Early landing pages were clunky and cumbersome. Putting them together was a great deal of work. Back then, James outsourced the job to someone at Elance. During recent times James discovered a couple of tools. The first is called LeadPages, a lead generation platform, and the second is called OptimizePress. These tools are:

  • extremely powerful
  • integrate directly to WordPress
  • very easy to use
  • drag and drop technology
  • have beautiful templates
  • and more!

James says that the biggest feature of these new landing pages is that the conversion rate is built right in, so you know when you log in exactly how well that landing page is converting. Considering how complicated this was in the past, the new methods are a dream in comparison.

Comparing LeadPages and OptimizePress

Then James takes a few moments to compare the two software programs. Here is the information he shares during the program:

Price - $39 per month
Usage - As many websites as you like
Templates - Approximately 70

Price - $97 one-time fee
Usage - Up to 3 WordPress sites
Templates - Approximately 40

James adds that both programs integrate well with the top email marketing management software, like AWeber and MailChimp. Your landing page could offer free training or a course, give away a report, book or white paper, webinar registration, product launch funnels, and so forth. LeadPages and OptimizePress both take care of these things for you.

Tips for Getting Started with LeadPages

Next James explains how to use LeadPages. After signing up for an account, which you can pay for monthly or enjoy a deep discount for paying annually, you have full access to their templates as well as the developers' marketplace area.

The LeadPages' marketplace offers several dozen other reasonably-priced landing page templates which you can purchase for use with your WordPress account. You can then customize the pages with a WYSIWYG editor.

James also encourages listeners to head over to LeadPages after this podcast to check out their blog. The best of the best can be found in the LeadPages blog, where quality information is shared on a regular basis. Although the service does not offer a free trial, James foresees himself using it until he retires from the industry.

A Walk through OptimizePress

Then James walks through using OptimizePress. He says the softwares is a little different from LeadPages, but that the core elements are very similar. There is some optimization, but it is all pretty straightforward.

James adds that in the case of using both LeadPages and OptimizePress, each is mobile-friendly and will convert instantly to the size of the screen displaying the page, whether it's a tablet, desktop, laptop, smartphone, and so forth.

OptimizePress does offer one feature that LeadPages lacks, which is an ability called custom elements. This widget-like ability allows you to add a button to redirect, featured bullets, guarantee buttons, image boxes, video, et cetera. However OptimizePress also allows you to add audio on your landing pages.

Finally James segues into the importance of audio, from its role in the early days of the internet to the benefits it offers over a video that gives the same information.

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