Affiliate Buzz #92 – James Martell Answers Student’s Most Popular Questions and Tells All About Exciting Industry Events That You Won’t Want to Miss!

Listen in now as James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook discusses with host of the 'buzz, Charles Johnston, the most recent Affiliate Marketers Alliance Dinner (put on by Ian Lee), which took place at the Palisades hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Self-taught, as many already know, James is a big believer in staying abreast current industry information and making new contacts, despite the high level of success he maintains. Like he says, learning and growing is key to your affiliate marketing business success and attending networking dinners and industry events allow you to stay in the know.

James tells Charles about some of the other individuals and business representatives that attended the dinner and shares information about an affiliate program management services company, as well as other resources he has met at industry events (and who were also present at the dinner), including:

  • and
  • (look for an event in your area)

James and Charles also discuss the important research phase of starting an affiliate business, determining your "niche," and answer student's questions on:

  • Working with your merchant to understand what your paycheck will be
  • Working with your merchant to understand how this is calculated (for instance, is it based on traffic, purchases, etc.)

How to work with your merchant to analyze the number of visitors you send, the closing rate, find out if there is a way to improve on either end (as this benefits both parties), etc.

James and Charles also talk about what happens when your site may be more successful then your merchant's site, the importance of making sure your keywords match your merchant's keywords as closely as possible, and how to establish relevancy between your site's pages and the merchant site.

The two also stress that your website traffic belongs to you and if your traffic is not converting, perhaps because of a cumbersome merchant check-out process or something else, you can always choose another merchant.

As Charles points out, once you have traffic, you have clout and finding a great merchant, one that converts your traffic into dollars, is easy to do. And these two tell you how.

And if you are...

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