Affiliate Buzz #95 – James Martell Digs in and Shares Search Engine Secrets, Starting with the Story of How a Buddy Got Him into the Affiliate Marketing Arena, and then Sharing More About His Prized Possession, — a 1965 Shelby Cobra

Listen in now as James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook discusses with Charles Johnston, host of the Affiliate Buzz, how he entered the affiliate marketing arena on the advice of a local buddy, and prior to this, how he and Arlene went through pretty tough times, sharing a single car that was too small for the entire family to fit into.

Fast-forward to today and James' hand-built Shelby Cobra (see video), regularly takes top prizes at car-shows, a dream that he has achieved thanks to affiliate marketing.

James also talks candidly about how Google's shake-up just a few months back profoundly changed content on the Net today and how webmasters like him have to provide site visitors with unique, valuable, naturally-written content or the search engine filters will simply toss their site to the side.

In fact, this is what motivated James to create the Affiliate Marketers Handbook - '2006' (THIRD EDITION).

Listeners to this informative Buzz edition will also learn:

  • All about Google updates and how to comply
  • About Jagger changes and how these effect you (or your site creator)
  • Why James really likes (and why you will too)

How to attend a LIVE Q&A and coaching session with James and access two of his wildly-popular Coffee Talk interviews (where he interviews experts in the field on a variety of topics that you need to know about) - for $1.

James also talks about the new sites he has most recently created, what he learned from the Google changes and what he suggests you do to not only comply with Google, but to work hand-in-hand with the world's leading search engine to ensure your site's pages rank high and stay in front of your target audience.

And if you are...

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