AB #393 | ShareASale Think Tank 2015 Fall Catalog and a Killer Topic Idea for a Podcast

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and wife Arlene discuss the ShareASale Think Tank and fall catalogue. They also talk about a killer topic idea for an affiliate or podcaster.

What to Expect at a ShareASale Think Tank

James and Arlene kick off the episode with some background information about past ShareASale Think Tank events. They share their own experiences while providing a general overview about the company. The fee for the event covers everything except airfare.

Next James lists some of the past Think Tank venues including, but not limited to: the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, The Wynn Las Vegas where guests enjoyed golfing and spa days, and the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach. James and Arlene were able to add a breakation to Disneyland on the last one.

Then the hosts segue into what happens during the events. As James points out, this is an opportunity for affiliates who work hard to take some time to play hard. You have to apply to attend, but newbie affiliates have equal chance of being accepted as seasoned marketers.

Arlene goes on to share things you can expect at a Share-A-Sale Think Tank, such as:

  • a 5 star hotel rooms with marble baths and plush beds
  • meet and greet events with refreshments and drinks
  • well-organized one-on-one meet-ups with affiliate managers

As soon as the website comes alive for the 2015 event, James and Arlene will send out an alert.

A Review of the ShareASale Fall Catalogue

After a short break, the conversation turns to the ShareASale fall catalogue. James compares it to the catalogues department stores put out at Christmas. This publication is geared toward affiliates, however and includes 84 digital pages of merchants and their offers.

Arlene points out that these merchants at the Think Tank events are looking for quality affiliates. They often bring samples of their products to the events and are quick to share tips and marketing practices affiliates can use to best promote their merchandise.

The catalogue is seasonal, and as James remarks it does a great job of matching up different merchants and projects to the season. The catalogue is also a great way to gear up for the holidays and Black Friday, which is traditionally the biggest shopping day in the Northern Hemisphere.

You can get a copy of the catalogue at the link below.

A Killer Topic Idea for an Affiliate or Podcaster

James then turns the conversation to a killer topic idea for a podcast or for an affiliate or podcaster - Donald Trump. No matter where you turn, whether you are for or against the presidential candidate, Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention.

As the tide rises, you can take a well-organized podcast really far. As James warns, the downside is that nobody can predict how long his popularity will last. The over-the-top enthusiasm for Donald Trump is sure to garner an audience.

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ShareASale - http://www.shareasale.com/
Grand Del Mar - http://www.thegranddelmar.com/
Wynn Las Vegas - http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/
Resort at Pelican Hill - https://www.pelicanhill.com/

Get a copy of ShareASale's fall catalogue here:
Affiliate Buzz #393 - http://www.jamesmartell.com/ab393


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