AB #490 | Why It’s Time for Us to Mix Things Up with James and Arlene

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks with Arlene about building a lifestyle business with breakations, working from anywhere, and why it's time for them to mix things up!

James are Arlene are not going anywhere, but are at the point in their lives that they are completely empty nesters and want to get back into more frequent breakations, doing more fun things together and embracing the travel lifestyle. Having 4 grown children and soon to be 6 grandkids, everyone is self sufficient and it is time to start making more travel plans.

A Lifestyle Business That Is Easy To Manage

James and Arlene already have many existing clients they work with from all over the world. Working at home is great, but whether clients live in the UK, North America, or anywhere else, they have the opportunity to work with them no matter what location they travel to.

James talks about how they were able to help Dr. Cale Copeland, a Chiropractor from Victoria B.C., with getting 44 new patients in 30 days. James loves working with local business owners, and finds it so rewarding, because of the ability to target the market to a local area, instead of ranking to a global audience.

A Team That Makes It All Possible

James and Arlene talk about the solid team they have in place, and some they have worked with for 7-8 years. When you have a team that knows their stuff, and gets to know what you want, it is magic. It is inexpensive and all the communication is done through Basecamp, so there is a record of every discussion and a placeholder for the completed work. Find out why outsourcing is essential to business success and how it saves so much time, money and headache.

Get Inspired To Pack Your Bags

Listen in to some of the lifestyle shows recently recorded at www.podcastingmastery.com and get inspired to fulfill your dreams of working in remote locations while earning extra income! James interviews some amazing guests who have made the travel dream and working online a reality, whether in an RV across the U.S., or traveling with a partner or traveling with the family.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • Why breakations are ideal for busy people
  • How to managing a business from any location
  • The advantages of working with local clients
  • Stories of real people living the travel lifestyle
  • How you can have a lifestyle business of your own
  • How having a virtual team makes the dream come true


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  1. Blake Smith says:

    Taking a break is so important. Thanks for making me feel less guilty about turning off my phone. Great post!


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