AB #476 | It’s About Lifestyle, and Why Freedom Is a Worthy Goal with James & Arlene Martell

In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell and Arlene talk about the benefits of choosing to run a lifestyle business, where it’s not only the money but also the freedom that comes along. James strongly decided he would not raise his kids in a terrible environment where there’s no money, he would sort things out somehow to make the needed money. Maybe you can relate…  You’re working hard in your day job even sacrificing family time but still the money isn’t good enough. Isn’t there a better way to work and earn?

James and Arlene started into Affiliate Marketing way back in 1999 with the help of a friend just after they were knocked out of an online business they were running successfully. There were early on struggles in Affiliate Marketing during the first couple of years, but they never looked back ever since. Their earlier experiences in the online world are, having to start afresh an unfamiliar business whenever they had to shut down a business.

A Lifestyle Business: Live and Work the Way You Want

James was always against the idea of being an employee, sitting inside a cubicle somewhere in an office setting. He did not at all like the clock. He always wanted the freedom that came with a lifestyle business and he was working at home since the year 1999. Arlene on the other hand, with their 4 kids and one of them being sick, could not go out to work. She started supporting her husband in their lifestyle business earning extra income, even at the comfort of working from their home. Soon they started to see real success. Their book business boomed, their affiliate sites were cranking, and they soon decided to go on a holiday, something they had not done for years.

More Fun while Travelling with the Family

Things were not smooth before the Couple came into Affiliate Marketing. They were driving an old Pontiac Sunbird for a family of six. Their credit card did not have the credit to even buy a domain name. While James was searching for 5 bucks to put gas in the car, Arlene was giving away old pots and pans in exchange for a little cash or whatever.

But, once their business took off, they were searching for places to visit as cash was no longer an issue. Almost on a daily basis, James was checking his business stats from Internet centers as hotels back then did not have Internet access.

James and Arlene’s vacation in Hawaii was the 1st one in 15 years. It was all waterfalls, jungles and swimming. Arlene felt it was so warm, tropical and relaxing. Soon the whole family started to travel. A 3-week road trip down the coast; Seattle, San Francisco, California, Disneyland, Vegas and other places. Next they hopped on a 10-day Eastern Caribbean cruise; spectacular trips on the islands. 3 times to Disneyland, 7 times to Germany, Spain, Cuba, 35 time to Vegas, 3 times to New York, Chicago, Austin and other places. These are their wildest dreams coming true because they figured out to run their lifestyle business.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • What Affiliate Marketing Business has done James and Arlene over the years
  • Why Affiliate Marketing Business is so important
  • Early on struggles during the first couple of years in the business
  • Why freedom is a worthy goal and what this business did for James and Arlene
  • First vacation in 15 years in Hawaii with only James and Arlene, it was so warm, tropical and relaxing.
  • A 3-week road trip with all the family down the coast: Seattle, San Francisco, Disneyland, Vegas
  • A 10-day Eastern Caribbean cruising trip
  • Multiple trips to Germany, Spain, Cuba



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