AB #468 | How to Lead a Location Independent Lifestyle with Brian Walt, Internet Marketer and World Traveler

In this edition, James Martell talks to Brian Walt about how to lead a location independent lifestyle. Brian is an Internet marketer and world traveler. He loves to travel and encourages others to get out of their comfort zones and explore working in other countries. Brian has spent the past eight years in entrepreneur and startup marketing roles. He is a well-established thought leader on communications, marketing, and travel - which has allowed him to lead a location independent lifestyle.

Location Independent Lifestyle

You may have heard about laptop nomads, but what about a location independent lifestyle? It is where you are not stapled to any geographic location because of your job or business. Such a lifestyle is available to us now more than ever before. You have the independence to be good to go almost anywhere – with an Internet connection. You can work in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

Part of it involves affiliate marketing, which allows us to generate recurring revenue and an income stream without having to deal with time zone and customer issues.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best avenues for bridging to a location and lifestyle. Plus, you may think it is difficult or costly to go to work in other places, but that’s not true. Making U.S. dollars goes farther in various locations and makes for a lower cost of living. So, make your dreams come true and become laptop nomads!

Scared to Travel

Some people are hesitant to work in a different country because they are afraid to travel. Brian said that there has never been a time that he felt afraid. You just need to be cognizant of your surroundings and don’t go places where you do not feel comfortable. Foreign travel is not scarier than some parts of the United States.

Do your research, keep your head about you, and you will be fine. However, don’t fall for some of the gimmicks out there that promise the ability to be living and working from anywhere. It does take hard work, diligence, and planning.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Myths about the lifestyle like it must be difficult and costly to live and work in other places
  • The U.S. dollar goes a lot further and the cost of living is less in other places
  • Daily work tasks are very similar – whether you are in the United States or Costa Rica
  • The most important pieces of technology you need is a laptop and Internet connection
  • Tips to develop the lifestyle like avoiding gimmicks and putting in a lot of effort



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