AB #453 | Building Massive Lists, Overcoming Adversity, Working Remotely (from Anywhere), and Making Real Money Online

Welcome to another edition of the Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed, and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Last week, James talked to Jennifer Myers Ward, CEO of award-winning agency ebove & beyond, about increasing site conversion rates and growing online revenues. This week, James interviews Reed Floren about how he translates his skills in list-building and other affiliate techniques into making real money online.

Reed Floren is a course developer, list-building expert, high-ticket coach and serial entrepreneur who has been converting ideas into money since he was in school. His first big online venture was 117christmasgifts.com, where he got a foundation in list-building and joint venture brokering, and has built up from there. In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James and Reed discuss that first venture into online marketing, how he overcame adversity early in his career, and how building his own online business allowed him to work remotely from anywhere. You’ll learn how to get started in affiliate marketing by defining your niche, why building an e-mail list is important, and where you should start when building your first list. So you can start making real money online.

What Can List-Building Do for You?

Two of Reed’s early successes were building large e-mail lists quickly. He tells James how he helped build a list of 50,000 in 30 days, and, buoyed by that success, how he built one on his own that reached 3,500 in just seven days.

Reed used several techniques, including list-building and joint venture brokering to build up a business that was on track to make $30,000 per month…until it was shut down by Google. James talks to Reed about what led up to that happening, and how he built himself back up from such a devastating blow.

James and Reed also discuss how success in online marketing can help you work from anywhere. Reed has worked from internet cafes, airport lounges, a Winnebago RV, and even from the back of a car. Listen in as they talk about how valuable it can be to have the flexibility to work remotely.

Your Niche Market and Building Your First List

Before you get started in making real money online, you should identify your niche market. It can be daunting and even counterproductive to cast too wide a net at first. Reed explains to James some options you have for niche markets, and some ideas for where to start.

Key to all of Reed’s activities online is the generation of a good e-mail list – one where you know it’s populated with good customers. According to Reed, there is money not in the list itself, but in the relationship you have with the list. Part of that is identifying your niche before you start, but part of it is also knowing how to go about growing your list with the right people. Reed suggests to James some strategies to use to cultivate your e-mail list and get the most out of it you can.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Reed Floren’s early career in online marketing and the lessons he learned
  • Where the money is in an e-mail list
  • How Reed recovered after his AdSense account was shut down early in his career
  • What it looks like to run an online marketing business from literally anywhere
  • How to identify what your niche market should be
  • Where to start when building your own e-mail list
  • Tips on cultivating your e-mail list and making it productive


Reed Floren


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