AB #449 | Do You Manage Multiple WordPress Sites? You Will LOVE These Tools Says James Martell

In this week's episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell showcases two essential tools (ManageWP and OptinMonster) to help you get the most out of managing multiple WordPress sites.

If you are an active affiliate marketer, chances are you're managing multiple sites at once. You may be managing several just for yourself, or for a combination of you and your clients. In either case, streamlining the management of those sites is essential. Today, James focuses on two areas: bringing your websites onto a single dashboard using ManageWP, and converting visitors into subscribers using OptinMonster.

Consolidate Your Dashboards Using ManageWP

Several months ago, James and Arlene consolidated all their sites into a more manageable system of servers and service providers. At the same time, they looked for an easier way to manage all those websites at once. Enter ManageWP, which brings all your websites into one place, on a single dashboard.

James discusses the features you'll want to make use of, including cloud backup, team collaboration, and integrated analytics. He'll also tell you why ManageWP makes it easier to keep your clients up to date.

Retain More Visitors Using OptinMonster

Did you know that up to 70% of the visitors who come to your sites will never return unless they opt in? Using a tool like OptinMonster can help you customize opt-in offers so that you can retain as many of them as possible.

James takes us through the key features of OptinMonster, which include customizable pop-ups, built-in analytics and A/B split testing, and a selection of opt-in offers that you can deploy on your sites.

Here's What You'll Hear

  • Why it's a good idea to streamline multiple WordPress sites
  • All the things you can do in one place with ManageWP
  • How to use ManageWP to collaborate with a team
  • How to showcase websites for clients and supply them with reports, all through ManageWP
  • Why OptinMonster is a game-changer for managing your opt-in offers
  • How to retain more visitors using smart pop-ups and other features
  • How much you can expect to pay for both ManageWP and OptinMonster


The first step streamlining your websites and retaining more visitors is checking out ManageWP and OptinMonster for yourself.


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