Affiliate Buzz #145 – As the Affiliate Buzz Approaches its Sixth Birthday, James Announces a New Format for the Show, Plus Shares 5 Tips to Avoiding A Big Mistake Many Affiliates Make

In this session, James announces it's time for the show to go through a little overhaul, something he has had in the plans for sometime.

James talks about how the idea for the buzz was born and that it was designed to help students of his trainings through the critical first six to twelve months. It was his hoped that by allowing new affiliates to "listen in" on that inner workings of James' business that it would provide listeners with the inspiration, information and motivation to push them through the learning curve into profitability.

It succeeded with the Affiliate Buzz being the oldest and longest podcast in the industry. James talks about the positive feedback and success stories they received at the help desk over the years and about running into successful students at conferences such as Commission Junction University and Affiliate Summit.

James also talks about the format for the new buzz, will include many of the elements of the original, but with some added twists includes industry guests and successful students.

The new buzz is kicking off on May 15th, will continue to be in or around 30-minutes in length and will share all things important to succeeding online with affiliate programs.

In this session, James also shares important information about how to avoid a BIG mistake affiliates make when constructing their new website, and offers 5 tips so you won't do the same.

And if you are...

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  1. Gerald Crawford says:

    Hi James,

    I just thought I would let you know that today, my website showed up on page two of google for one of my secondary keywords 🙂 and I'm still on session 5 of the backlinks workshop.

    I know it's early days and there's a lot to do to my site but I would just like to thank you for what you've taught me, now I'm starting to believe that this really is achievable.

    Many thanks,


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