AB #454 | Expert Insight Into Ordering Custom Graphics and WordPress Themes

Ordering Custom Graphics.

In this episode James explains how ordering custom graphics enhances his business, and how he uses affordable freelancers to do it. Your graphics are the first interaction you have with potential customers, but are you using yours to their full potential? Learn why the old way of hiring a designer is outdated.

Your graphics are the first interaction you have with potential customers, but are you using yours to their full potential? In an online business, there are dozens of places that you can use coordinated imagery to reinforce your brand, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, not to mention your website. Even offline, your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes can passively promote your brand each and every time you interact with a customer. In the “old days”, it could cost thousands just to commission one piece, but with modern websites like Upwork and Vistaprint, you can achieve the same result for a fraction of both the price and the effort. In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James lays out why you should invest in ordering custom graphics, what to expect from outsourcing your graphics work, and how much you can expect to pay.

The Case for Ordering Custom Graphics

How many different ways do you interact with your customers? Social media is only one aspect of how you communicate. Chances are, you’re also using e-mail marketing, electronic brochures, opt-in offers on a website, and more. Each of those interactions is an opportunity for you to present a coordinated vision of your brand that reinforces your brand image.

James also presents a case study: client John McNamara of DolphinWorld.org is currently setting up his website, and wanted to create a brochure to send to potential customers, which would explain what they get when buying a tour with him. James walks through the steps of how they used freelancers to create the brochure, and he also tells us how much you can expect to pay for a similar project.

Fully Custom Work: It’s Easier (and Cheaper!) Than You Think

There are several reliable websites today where you can purchase a WordPress theme to use. Many of them can feel “over-built”, however, as they try to be everything for everyone. Just because you can turn on every plugin, doesn’t mean you should! You may find that a fully custom theme may be better suited to your needs. James walks us through the process of hiring a freelancer through Upwork. To design a custom theme, including how long it takes and what it might cost.

It’s not just WordPress themes that you might want to customize, however. What about booklets, business cards, or postcards? Hiring an inexpensive freelancer to design a coordinated graphics set for your business is simple when using platforms like UpWork.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Why the old way of hiring a designer is outdated
  • How to identify all the different types of graphics you need
  • The advantages of presenting a brand using coordinated graphics
  • Step-by-step how one customer used a freelancer to design a brochure
  • Why you might choose a fully custom design for your website
  • Using Upwork to hire freelancers
  • How Upwork works
  • Using Upwork designers and Vistaprint together


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