AB #377 | Outsourcing, Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Get Everything Done in Waaaaaay Less Time!

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by co-host Arlene Martell for reviews of some on-the-spot topics.

James kicks off the episode with a reminder that the Podcasting Mastery course at The School of Internet Marketing kicks off on April 7. Anyone who learns more about podcasting on their own is encouraged to check out a free podcasting webinar.

Next James and Arlene discuss her recent birthday, and a gift of personalized wall art that she received from her grandchildren. James segues into the fact that he recently took note of how Arlene manages her time. She's getting way more done in way less time.

What You Can Do to Work Less and Earn More

Then James asks Arlene to define the term "breakation". A term coined by the couple years ago, a breakation is a few extra days booked before or after an event, like a conference. These days give them time to get out and explore the geographic area where the event takes place. It works out great, especially in cities like New York or Las Vegas.

This leads to James recalling a family memory involving swimming at Black Rock beach in front of the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. He and his daughter were swimming in the tropical waters when he bumped right into a sea turtle that, unphased, kept swimming right along. To James, this "Swimming with the Turtles" story parallels the job of an affiliate marketer.

Arlene's secret to getting more done is outsourcing work to others. Her team of includes her Virtual Assistant (who is a WordPress expert), an Internet technician, and two types of writers - standard writers that she uses all the time, and new writers that she uses for specific purposes. Arlene enjoys working with these people because she can give any member of her team basic instructions and they get the job done.

Staying Organized with Project Management Apps

Next James and Arlene talk about the benefits of project management applications. Their app of choice is Basecamp, which helps groups of people finish projects together. For example Arlene uploads project descriptions and assigns tasks to her team members. As each person finishes their part of the job, they tick it off as complete in Basecamp.

James goes on to discuss how he and Arlene did things in the early days before Elance and outsourcing, and remarks that there is no reason why anyone should do all of this work themselves. He also points out that if you do work that you could hire someone else to do for $5 per hour, then it is like saying your worth is $5 per hour.

Arlene chimes in that outsourcing also saves the frustration of trying to do everything yourself. It erases the learning curve. As James explains, you will have to hire someone if something goes wrong, so you might as well outsource the work. During the podcast Arlene shares these tips for listeners who plan to outsource:

  • Your project description should state exactly what you are looking for.
  • There is a good chance that you get just the right person for your job.
  • If the person you want bids too high, ask them if they are willing to work within your budget.

After a short break, James references the professionals mentioned during the advertisements. He mentions that Tim Ash, Danny Sullivan, and Bruce Clay are people he has met personally, and that if you are looking for someone to advertise your business, then turn to the people at WebMasterRadio.FM, just like other professionals with high conversion rates.

Then James and Arlene revisit the topic of Basecamp, a program management app that Arlene says has been vital to their business. They can put all of their projects in separately via to-do lists with tasks assigned to specific team members. James reveals that listeners who want to give it a try can head over to Basecamp and sign up for a new account for a 60-day, no obligation free trial of the full version.

James recalls that when he first signed up, he sent the link to Arlene who invited a few members of their team. In a very short time, without any training or other special assistance, everyone within their system was using the application. James also mentions that if you plan to outsource, then Elance and Basecamp pair nicely together.

Wrapping up the episode, James directs listeners to a course in The School of Internet Marketing called Outsourcing Essentials. James put this course together with tips and strategies that he and Arlene use for outsourcing in their own business.

The course consists if five informative videos including:

  1. The BIG Picture
  2. Defining the Work
  3. Selecting Your Team
  4. Managing Your Team
  5. Building Your Future

The second video comes with a free report called: Outsourcing Secrets Revealed - 20 Proven Project Descriptions and Work Orders that You Can Copy. In this report, James and Arlene take examples from their past successful Elance jobs, giving you the right language and terms to increase your own chances of success of swimming with the turtles.

Outsourcing can such a profound impact on your business. Even if you currently outsource, the course has tips that can help you improve the process.

James and Arlene are using Basecamp for the Podcast Mastery course. Signing up for Podcast Mastery not only gives you information on how to excel at podcasts, but it offers a bonus course on how to use Basecamp as well. Each Podcast Mastery student gets their own Basecamp account as part of the course.

There's a brand new way to sign up for the Affiliate Buzz. Send a blank email to affiliate_buzz@aweber.com if you'd like to subscribe.


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