AB #407 | Is Performance Marketing the New Affiliate Marketing?

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell welcomes guest Matt Frary, CEO of SmarterChaos, an internet marketing and sales agency based in Castle Rock, Colorado. In this episode they discuss building profitable companies and performance marketing.

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Next James introduces today’s guest, Matt Frary, an internet marketer responsible for taking several businesses to extremely high levels of success. Matt shares a bit about himself and his background, including getting his MBA and the “a-ha moment” that led him to affiliate marketing. After finding success in his first job, Matt left that company and started back at zero again.

The Birth of SmarterChaos

When starting over, Matt looked at where he could add value to the affiliate marketing industry. Using what he learned in the book, The E Myth, he sketched out a plan that looked rather chaotic. Out of that was born a plan to build repeatable systems and strategies to benefit clients. It was the SmarterChaos of today.

From those humble beginnings they’ve worked with companies like Nationwide and Dollar Shave Club. SmarterChaos has also built other companies including:

  • SmarterCreatives, a design firm aiding in things like website design and branding
  • She Is Media, a blogger network connecting blogs with relevant brands
  • Pollen-8.com, a platform where advertisers can get reviews of their products

Business Owners and Self-Promotion

Then James then directs the conversation back a visit he had to Matt’s SmarterChaos office. Matt explains how James watched SmarterChaos close a deal with Meredith Magazines, a company with brands like Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle, and Better Homes & Gardens. Matt goes on to share when closing a deal like that, confidence is everything whether you’re building a product or performing a service.

James and Matt attribute this mindset of company founders being their own advocates Trump’s popularity. Matt calls the U.S. Presidential candidate “a master of self-promotion” who is able to back it up. James agrees; he loves Trump’s confidence and experience.

Matt continues, explaining business owners who feel this way about their companies are in the best position because, “You’re not selling. You’re not telling. You’re guiding and showing and solving. And if I really feel I can solve your problem, I’m excited about that. I want to solve your problem.”

Next James segues into two services Matt put together, Survey Scout and Survey Club. After acquiring the two companies, Matt turned them into products with a back end and a list. He offered similar products like free webinars, and then ran it through ClickBank. Paying affiliates and partners really well, Matt advises, creates affiliates and partners that sell the product for you.

Is Performance Marketing the New Affiliate Marketing?

After a short break, Matt defines performance marketing as an evolution of both affiliate and paid marketing. Using paid marketing techniques in conjunction with your affiliate channel boosts your brand. Performance marketing is the next evolution or trend of affiliate marketing. Matt says it’s what advertisers, product owners, and merchants should be watching.

James looks back to their initial beginnings and points out the landscape has changed dramatically in the time since. A lot of the services Matt mentioned, like retargeting, didn’t exist in the early days of affiliate marketing.

How Retargeting Helps Customers Return to Your Site

Then Matt explains how they use retargeting at SmarterChaos. He says they:

  • build a landing page that offers a free white paper with relevant information
  • add a form visitors need to fill out in order to receive the white paper
  • use search, social, and other forms of paid marketing to target their market

In the old days, at this point if the consumers left there was no way to get them back. Now you can add code to your landing page to set a cookie on the user. If the user heads over to Facebook, it will remind them about the white paper and other perks, like webinars.

Matt explains how from there, the ad follows the user on the sidebar over potentially millions of websites. Once the person comes back to the website and follows through with the offer, you can offers your products or services to them. Matt calls it the new wave of the future.

James and Matt are both stunned it’s taken retargeting so long to appear. Matt shares an example of how sophisticated the technology is by outlining the way companies match email addresses in order to contact visitors directly via their inbox. It’s all about interacting with the consumer.

James adds he thinks retargeting is amazing and can’t believe it didn’t happen five or ten years ago. Matt adds it’s accelerating very rapidly. One B2B software, Lead Forensics, can tell you which companies visited your site.

Then James segues to Facebook’s custom audience. By uploading your email address book into Facebook, you can use the social media network to market directly to anyone whose account matches up to the email from your list.

Matt adds that it also helps you build a custom audience based on who’s already visiting your site as well. It shows the journey of the consumer across a wide range of marketing channels. Something else Matt’s excited about are advances in re-engagement and abandonment tools. He says the scripts for robotic chats, for example, are increasing conversions and sales.

Where Affiliates Should Focus Now

After a short break, James and Matt turn the conversation to the topic of affiliates. Matt says while content is still king, affiliates have to use other tools as well, like retargeting, podcasts, social media, and affiliate links. He uses Rachel Martin’s blog, Finding Joy, as an example of someone who does this.

Matt points out that the affiliate space is more complicated today than it was in the early days. Technology is changing. If you’re just getting started, Matt offers this plan:

  • build something online
  • use WordPress
  • research plugins
  • add content and pictures
  • build social media pages
  • make time to post something every day
  • learn to outsource content to freelancers
  • use a tool like Basecamp to organize your projects

James then revisits the different companies Matt operates, both the aforementioned ones and mTelligence. Matt says the mindset for building new companies is getting over your fears, believing you can do it, and not stopping until you accomplish your goals.


Website - http://www.smarterchaos.com/
SmarterChaos on Twitter - @SmarterChaos
Matt on Twitter - @ChiefofChaos
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SmarterChaos/
LinkedIn - Matt Frary
Email - Matt@SmarterChaos.com

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Meredith Magazines - http://www.meredith.com/
Martha Stewart Living - http://www.marthastewart.com/
Family Circle - http://www.familycircle.com/
Better Homes & Gardens - http://www.bhg.com/better-homes-and-garden-magazine/
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