AB #404 | Business Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Earn Between $200 and $600 for Each Sale Referred to Our “Do-it-Yourself” Podcasting Courses and “Turnkey” Podcasting Services

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and co-host Arlene introduce a new affiliate offer where business coaches, trainers, and consultants can earn between $200 and $600 for each sale referred to their “Do-it-Yourself” podcasting courses and “Turnkey” podcasting services.

James and Arlene kick off the episode by introducing their granddogs, a pair of Keeshonds.

Next the hosts reveal something that's been in development for the past fifteen months - their new Podcast Mastery services for affiliates who are a business coach, trainer, or consultant, someone who works in web development, or an online audience looking to increase revenue.

Then James explains why podcasting for businesses is so important. He points out that it not only gives you a voice, but it is also a great method for marketing.

The Podcasting Mastery Course

James points out that http://podcastingmastery.com is just the front end. The program offers landing pages with free reports. This puts people into the 'sales funnel' to help them figure out what the Podcasting Mastery courses can do to improve their business.

James put the course together based on his and Arlene's twelve years of experience. They wanted a step-by-step method to walk someone, from scratch, through the process of how to put together a profitable podcast designed to impress anyone who hears it.

Next James explains the purpose of your podcast should be turning listeners into buyers. As he points out, most people do not start a podcast as a hobby. They want to generate something for their business, such as leads or sales.

Then James shares the two-fold concept of the Podcasting Mastery courses: ways to use a podcast to develop a passive monthly income stream, using the podcast as the business, and podcasting for an existing business who is looking for ways to generate passive leads and customers.

It's More Than a How-to Course

James goes on to explain that the course is not limited to teaching about podcasting. It also talks about systems that attract and convert listeners, converts listeners into buyers, and a sales funnel that converts buyers into raving fans for your show.

This all-inclusive intensive training includes visually rich video presentations, and comprehensive checklists, “to-do” lists, worksheets, templates and everything you need to develop a winning web radio show and podcast. Here's the 8-step course outline:

  1. How to Get & Stay Organized
  2. Goals Achieved! Goal Setting Success in Podcasting Made Simple
  3. The 12 Part Formula for Developing a Podcast That’ll Impress All Who Hear It
  4. The Extraordinary Podcast – Establishing a Strong Foundation
  5. Positioning Yourself for Long-term Success
  6. It’s Time for You to Be a Somebody
  7. It Pays to Be Everywhere
  8. The Money? It’s In the Follow-Up!

The cost is $1499 USD. James and Arlene pay a 20% commission, which is $300 USD, to affiliates.

The market for a DIY podcast has really taken off. iTunes boasts one billion podcast subscribers. Major newspapers like the Washington Post, USA Today, and New York Times publish articles on topics such as why small businesses need podcasts.

Arlene then reminds if you are an affiliate who knows of a business that needs a podcast, then send them to James and herself to qualify for a handsome commission.

Do-It-Yourself Podcasting Services

Then James goes on to explain the services associated with the do-it-yourself podcasting course. This course is for someone who has time to learn how to get more hands-on with their podcast.

One of the services included is virtual assistance. These skilled VAs have the training to set up podcasting for businesses. The virtual assistance is broken down into four steps:

  1. Work with business owner to determine podcast goals and objectives, identify the audience, and establish a format for the show.
  2. Formulate the episode topics, creating the audio intro and outro, commercials, and so forth.
  3. Work with James and Arlene's team to set up specific hosting, set up the audio broadcast network and syndicate the podcast.
  4. Coaching and training to make sure the business owner is having an enjoyable experience and able to get their podcasts out on time.

The cost for these services is $3500 and again, affiliates may receive a 20% commission, or $700. Having a show that gives a business a voice in the community can be pretty exciting. Businesses taking advantage of the $500 coupon code pay $3000, which takes the commission to $600.

The Virtual Producer

James explains that someone who needs a virtual producer is either putting together a podcast or has an existing podcast that's getting bogged down with time or technical issues.

Then James explains what things Brasco, their virtual producer at WebmasterRadio.FM does to keep the Affiliate Buzz going, including recording, producing, editing, and publishing.
All James and Arlene have to do is show up at 2pm Pacific time every Thursday and be the hosts.

The Virtual Producer service is also broken down into four steps. They are:

  1. The Virtual Producer connects the call to the business owner as well as any guests and then records the call. During the recording the producer also levels the volume of the voices.
  2. Afterward the producer edits out any "um" and "ah" type sounds, removes any long pauses, and adds the intro and outro audio.
  3. The audio is complete and passed on to a writer who listens to the episode in its entirety and crafts show notes that are search-engine friendly and podcast-directory friendly.
  4. The producer will add and optimize the show notes along with an audio player to your website so it can be syndicated to your audio broadcast network.

If you want to provide your own content but have someone else take care of the technical side of things, then you might consider the Virtual Producer services.

The cost for this service is $175 USD per episode with a 12-episode minimum, or $2100 USD, and the commission per referral is $420, which increases with the larger episode packages.

The Virtual Co-Host

Next James segues to the Virtual Co-Host service by exploring the early days of the Affiliate Buzz. He shares from his own podcasting experiences to outline how a virtual co-host can help someone who is not comfortable hosting their own show.

Then Arlene walks you through what things the virtual co-host does for the Martin Brothers Funeral Home podcast including the introduction, asking questions, and signing off at the end of the show.

The four steps the virtual co-host covers are:

  1. joining you and your guest (if applicable) on the call at the scheduled time.
  2. kicking off the show, positioning you as the expert, reading the guest bio and introducing the guest, and then guide the conversation.
  3. taking you in and out of commercial breaks.
  4. wrapping up the show, sharing contact information for you and your guest and saying goodbye to the audience.

The cost of radio-level Virtual Co-Host services is $125 USD per episode per episode with a 12-episode minimum, or $1500 USD, and the commission per referral is $300.

How the Sales Funnel Works for Referrals

James explains the sales funnel is so important because people don't typically buy on the first visit. Affiliates use links that offer free information about podcasting. These reports include things like:

  • 37 Reasons You Should Set Up a Podcast Today
  • Free Checklist, the 21 Steps You Must Follow to Set UP a Podcast.
  • and a couple of others.

During the 10 to 15 minutes it takes for the report to be delivered, a video starring James plays where he gives them an offer for a killer podcasting starter pack. It's loaded with everything someone needs to start a podcast.

James also offers free passes to nearly 2 hours of webinar-style podcasting training. This webinar explains every part of a podcast and offers statistics about how podcasting can help grow their business.

James and Arlene outline the best way to get started. First, visit the Podcasting Mastery website (http://podcastingmastery.com/) and then from the Resources tab in the top menu you can explore the Podcasting Pro Services, the Training Course, and so forth.

James points out that scrolling to the bottom of the page takes you to the Affiliate Program link. The affiliate page has a five-minute video and more information about how you can earn between $200 and $600 for each sale you refer to the podcasting courses and services.

James and Arlene wrap up the show by sharing the story behind the Podcasting Mastery logo. On a family trip to Maui, James was snorkeling with his daughter when he literally ran into a sea turtle who didn't budge.

This experience has since been a metaphor for James and inspired his tagline - work less, earn more, and swim with the turtles. He knows it's not for everyone, so during the course he has you fill in the blank. Work less. Earn more. And...what is it you want to do?

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Podcasting Mastery - http://podcastingmastery.com/
Podcasting Mastery Affiliate Page - http://www.podcastingmastery.com/affiliates/
The Affiliate Buzz on WebmasterRadio.FM - http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/affiliate-buzz/


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