AB #508 | The 6 Steps YOU Must Follow to Select a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks about "The 6 Steps YOU Must Follow to Select a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche." This is a topic that comes up again and again because if you are going to take the time to build an affiliate business, you want to make sure it pays you in the end.

If you find yourself in a position where:

  • you are not clear on what topic is right for you
  • or you are not even sure how to figure it out
  • you want to know how to make sure the topic will be profitable
  • are you are jumping into an already crowded market?
  • you are worried about wasting time and anxious about it
  • you really have to make this work to get your life back

... then you are in the right place. James has 6 important steps that he walks you through when selecting a niche that is profitable. You need a path to follow, and most people don't have the experience or know-how to figure it out.

How to Select a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

James talks about how long it really takes to research and come up with a good topic. Once you find the right topic, James teaches you how to mold that topic to profitability. He starts off teaching you the 6 steps including brainstorming niche ideas, how to evaluate the products, services and merchants, where you will find your visitors, why you need to know who your competitors are and the purpose of doing keyword research.

What Does Niche Mean Anyways?

James talks about the biggest mistake affiliates make when choosing a niche topic, and how far you can narrow down the niche topic. He talks about wrapping a niche around something you are familiar with, looking at what expertise you have, your hobbies, your interests. He explains the next steps once your list is made, then how to look to the merchants to also help you evaluate products and narrow down your niche even further.

Get The Data You Really Need

Once you have a feel for the products, now it is time to decide on which merchants to use, and James explains exactly what you need to look at when choosing a merchant. There are a number of factors you need to consider to make sure you are getting paid from all angles. Your affiliate manager is a wealth of information, so talk to them, but also make sure you know exactly how your customer will navigate to buy.

Where Do I Get Traffic?

There are a number of different sources for traffic you may not have thought of since the explosion of Social media. James also talks about creative ways to get your site talked about including being a guest on podcasts to build your reputation and build your audience. James also talks about some keyword tools, how to use them and how they help you evaluate your competition and what they are doing. You will be amazed at how many different ways you can get traffic. James also talks about the long-tail keywords people are using today to search for products and how you can take advantage of that.

Listen to learn:

  • The 6 steps to select a profitable Affiliate Marketing niche
  • How long it really takes to research and come up with a good topic
  • How to evaluate the products, services and merchants
  • The biggest mistake affiliates make when choosing a niche topic
  • How to evaluate the traffic sources
  • What to look for in your competitors
  • Creative ways to build your reputation and audience
  • What tools you need to evaluate keyword phrases and page authority

If you need some help with this, I offer a coaching program that will take you through all these steps in detail and allow you to focus on the marketing end of your business.

If you are considering building a lifestyle business, where you can spend more time traveling, more time enjoying your family and more time doing all of the things that matter to you most, stay tuned to a little road map we are putting together which will be ready in a few weeks. James also invited you to Subscribe to the Affiliate Buzz on our website, on iTunes, and on our new YouTube Channel to be alerted to new episodes.


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