Affiliate Buzz #299 – Profitable B2B Opportunities for Affiliates

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell, talks with Chris Sanderson, General Manager of the Bangkok, Thailand-based internet marketing firm AMWSO ( about profitable and often overlooked B2B opportunities for affiliate marketers.

AMWSO is a professional affiliate management company that specializes in outsourced affiliate marketing services for firms around the globe. The company also provides program management and other web-based marketing services that bring together affiliates and merchants.

Listen to the two professionals discuss B2B, a three-letter acronym that stands for “Business to Business”. B2B is a type of business franchise that, despite being around for a little while now, is still expanding and growing to provide opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Examples of Current B2B Opportunities

James and Chris discuss some of the profitable B2B opportunities that are often overlooked in the world of affiliate marketing. Some of the programs they mention that you could use to bring business to your company include:

  • Paychex - An award-winning payroll service for businesses who do not want to use an in-house accounting firm for tax services, HR services and benefit administration, Paychex offers a lead-based program to affiliate marketers.
  • RedCappi - A hip and uncomplicated Los Angeles-based email marketing company, RedCappi offers easy do-it-yourself email marketing services that pays $2 per lead in addition to a $50 bounty on every sale made through their affiliate program.
  • Exotissimo Travel - A leading Inbound Tour Operator in Southeast Asia, offers package and tailor-made travel arrangements for travelers and has one of the highest Pay-Per-Lead commissions in the travel affiliate program niche.

Tune in now to hear Chris explain more about some of the programs you could connect to through AMWSO and why he feels affiliates still avoid the B2B market, including reasons such as B2B seems too difficult to get passionate about the topics, or because seeing a commission from B2B takes longer.

B2B Requires Use of Different Marketing Strategies

When you dive into the world of B2B opportunities, on the surface it does not look that different than being an affiliate for retail products. Listen to James and Chris review the subtle differences for affiliate marketing strategies such as:

  • Creating a site that links to the B2B affiliate opportunity
  • Adding relevant content to the site - even if it means outsourcing
  • Using keywords to help drive traffic to the site

The commission payout for B2B sites is generally higher than it is for retail affiliates, which is why it is even more important to make use of the above strategies. However as Chris points out, B2B offers other benefits as well including less competition from other marketers and cheaper pay-per-click drives for more traffic.

How to Find These Overlooked B2B Opportunities

Listen to James and Chris discuss the different ways to find these otherwise overlooked B2B opportunities. Although finding these opportunities might seem challenging due to a lack of dedicated B2B-focused affiliate networks, it is hardly impossible.

For example LinkShare, a leader among affiliate marketing solution companies, offers some B2B opportunities. Commision Junction, an online advertising and internet marketing company, also offers some B2B prospects. And finally ShareASale offers a few leads on B2B as well.

Another thing that Chris explains is Pay Per Call, which offers a faster validation, a better conversion, and far less fraud than when filling out a form instead. Because of the benefits on both sides of the relationship, for the merchant and the affiliate, commission is often both higher and resolved more quickly as well.

Tune in now to hear the entire episode which not only covers information related to the above topics, like a full explanation of how Pay Per Call works, but also reveals the best places for affiliates to find the most lucrative B2B opportunities that other marketers are overlooking.


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