AB #380 | Projects You Can and Should Outsource: Get Much More Done in a Lot Less Time

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by co-host Arlene to present tips for how you can outsource projects to get much more done in a lot less time.

James kicks off the episode by inviting Arlene to share how she gets more done in less time through outsourcing contractors via Elance. She explains how outsourcing makes her job easier, and describes how her team of outsources kept everything on track when she was away from her desk the previous day.

Getting Your Outsourcing Projects Off on the Right Foot

James then opens his Elance account to give an on-the-spot review of the projects they currently have open. Arlene explains about ongoing jobs, and how Elance allows clients to keep the job open by adding milestones for additional work over a long period of time. This is especially helpful once you find the right person for a particular job.

Next James describes the most recent project they posted. In less than 24 hours, nearly two dozen contractors from around the world have vied on the job with proposed bids ranging from just over $150 to $650. James and Arlene agree that they are always amazed at the diversity and range of the bids, as it really brings the world together.

James goes on to list some of the other projects he and Arlene are currently outsourcing, which include someone to write about environmental products, a voice talent, a graphic designer, ghostwriter, someone for WordPress help, a video editor, and the list goes on and on.

The Benefits of Having an Outsourcing Team

For a reasonble hourly fee, Arlene outsources adminstrative and other work as needed to an outsourced Virtual Assitant. As James points out, if you're doing the work of someone you can pay $5 per hour to do, then you lower your value to $5 per hour.

Then James talks about the price difference between hiring someone through outsourcing and privately hiring someone for the job, and goes on to use examples from his current cache of Elance projects.

  • Do what you do best, and outsource the rest. James admits he does not deal with technical issues very well, and outsourcing is a great way for him to avoid the stress of trying to handle everything himself. That's what these people do for a living.
  • When creating projects, if you need a quick turnaround time, James suggests adding a line saying you are ready to award the job to the first person with the expertise who offers a fair price. This will help you avoid those who drive the price up for these types of jobs.
  • Beware of price jumps. James has called a few contractors out on bidding up prices for similar jobs. For example, if a contractor bids $70 on a job and you award it to them, then they should not bid $110 to do a repeat job with similar requirements.
  • Communicating with outsourcers can tricky. James gives examples of how resources like Skype can be handy when dealing with jobs of a technical nature which may need a quick answer. Otherwise you can use Elance's internal messaging service as long as you check regularly for new messages and give prompt replies. James also shares a live example of how a communication problem can delay an entire project.
  • Creating your own digital products is vital to affiliate marketing, and was the topic of Affiliate Buzz #379. James is currently creating a new e-book with the help of an outsourced ghost writer. He reads off actual emails during the podcast to give examples of what communication should sound like when a project is going well.

James and Arlene wrap up the podcast with some advice for using Google Documents and Dropbox to collaborate with clients. Arlene also reminds that if you post a job to Elance and don't find the right person, then you can cancel the project, risk-free.

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Elance - http://www.elance.com
Google Drive/Documents - http://www.google.com/drive
Dropbox - http://www.dropbox.com


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