AB #451 | Affiliates, Advertisers & Networks – BrandVerity, the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Tool of the Year for Protecting Your Paid Search Campaigns

Protect Your Paid Search

Welcome to another edition of the Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. Last week, James and Arlene discussed how VistaPrint’s unique business model helped them earn $1,200 commission on just one sale. This week, James interviews Preston Holland, Director of Business Development for BrandVerity, to discuss protecting your paid search campaigns, and how both advertisers and affiliates can benefit from help in monitoring their paid search.

Preston Holland was last on the show in Affiliate Buzz Episode 448, talking about the right way to disclose an affiliate relationship. In this episode, he’s talking about BrandVerity, winner of the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Tool of the Year. BrandVerity provides services that protect brands and ensure that their marketing partners are on-brand and compliant. Listen in as Preston explains to James how BrandVerity helps advertisers manage their affiliate paid searches, identifies conflicts, and helps protect against Black Hat affiliate activity.

The Problem of the Paid Search

One problem that BrandVerity addresses is managing the interaction between a brand’s own paid search and the paid search being used by its affiliates. If not managed correctly, a brand can end up competing directly with its affiliates for the same marketing space. Search engines won’t help brands manage their affiliates, and doing it manually is prohibitively difficult.

BrandVerity uses proprietary technology to monitor affiliate activity and report back if there are conflicts with pre-set rules on how keywords should be used. James and Preston explore how big a problem these conflicts can be, and how using a tool like BrandVerity can help save you money by solving that problem.

Protecting Against Black Hat Hijacking

While not as big an issue as it once was, Black Hat hijacking can still happen, especially to large or very visible brands. It can be an issue particularly for brands that have regulatory concerns. It takes diligence and regular monitoring to protect against Black Hat activity, but BrandVerity can help.

James and Preston discuss what Black Hat hijacking is and why advertisers should be concerned. They also discuss what BrandVerity does to identify unscrupulous affiliates and ensure that they can’t dodge being monitored.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Why brands need to be aware of the interaction of their paid
    search versus their affiliates’ paid searches
  • How big of a problem is competing with your own affiliates?
  • What is Black Hat hijacking, and how serious is it?
  • How brands can use BrandVerity to protect against Black Hat hijacking
  • How does BrandVerity help advertisers monitor their paid searches?
  • What stops affiliates from avoiding being monitored by BrandVerity?
  • What sizes and types of companies can benefit from using BrandVerity
  • How much time advertisers can expect to spend monitoring their affiliates
  • Protect your paid search campaigns




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