Affiliate Buzz #319 – Questions and Answers

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell tackle listener questions from the Affiliate Buzz mailbag. Autoresponders, plagiarism, keywords, slideshows, virtual assistants and WordPress themes are all up for discussion!

The episode kicks off with an overview of why the holidays are so important for affiliates. This follows with an announcement about Affiliate Summit, coming up in January 2014, as well as the happy family news that will prevent James and Arlene from attending the event, hosted in Las Vegas.

How Videos and Blogging Affect Websites

Next the couple begin tackling questions from the mailbag. First up is a question about the effect that video has upon factors such as SEO and bounce rate. James has all the answers, along with other onsite and offsite benefits.

Moving right along, the next question refers to where website blogs fit into Google’s latest priorities as far as the rankings of a site. As he answers this question, James also explains to listeners:

  • the definition of and history behind the term “blog”
  • what blogging means for marketing websites
  • how blogs can serve visitors to marketing sites

James also explains how a blog can help add fresh content to websites which helps internet marketers rank heads and tails over their competition. Because he has more than a decade’s worth of experience in this industry, listeners can rely on his information and advice.

Tackling Plagiarized Content and More

The conversation then turns a question about how to check whether someone else is plagiarizing your content. James also shares a way that you can prevent plagiarism using a free, easy-to-use tool. Other questions in the Affiliate Buzz mailbag discussed in this episode include:

  • how to check if someone is using your images on their site
  • tips about autoresponders, and how important James ranks them
  • suggestions for replacements for the Google Adwords keyword tool
  • creating a multi-media slideshow without relying on Powerpoint
  • and more!

This segues into a talk about backlinks. James points out that recent changes to Google challenge internet marketers to look to other ways to use content. He also offers suggestions for websites to help gain new audiences as well as earn the benefits of SEO from backlinks.

The episode wraps up with a final question about designing a WordPress site. You won’t want to miss hearing what James offers as far as framework and theme recommendations. This episode is chock-full of great information for a wide range of listeners, from novices to those with advanced knowledge, so set aside half an hour now to start listening!

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