AB #357 | A Quick Breakation to Collapse Time Frames and Get Things Done

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by his wife Arlene Martell to speak about collapsing time frames and getting things done when on a breakation.
James and Arlene begin this podcast by stating that their schedule is becoming rather busy at the moment. The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and James and Arlene will be hosting several guests this year for the special day. Arlene loves this day even though she has to spend most of the time cooking because of the opportunity to see her family.

After that, the James and Arlene have Black Friday, which is the start of a very busy time for online sales and affiliate marketers. This period of increased activity continues right through the holiday season and into the New Year.

James has also been very busy putting together a couple of courses. The first of these is the Passive Income Mastery class that he has spoken about recently on a previous Affiliate Buzz episode. The second course he is working is the Podcast Mastery Class, which he has mentioned on his School Of Internet Marketing website over two years ago, but has not had the time to finish until now.

In addition to this, they have the ShareASale Think Tank to attend soon. During this time, James and Arlene will taking a little breakation and go to Memphis to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.

Getting The Most Done

Arlene has also been very busy recently with the development of a set of procedures for a new Virtual Assistant that they are looking to hire. They had outsourced some of the duties before, but that relationship has ended recently.

This coincides with the realisation from Arlene that many of the important, but monotonous tasks, she completes can be done by a virtual assistant.

For the VA to be successful, when they find one through elance, there will be a need to be a procedure document. This document will detail what needs to be done and how to do it for the new VA. The advantage of the documentation will be that all the tasks will be done to the same standard and that James or Arlene will have a template they can use to check the work is completed accurately.

James’ Breakation

James also talks about his recent trip he had with his friend Todd up to Whistler, the number one ski resort in North America. James cannot recommend the location enough and speaks of its gorgeous looks and old European feel.

When James first mentioned to Arlene that his friend had invited him up to Whistler, she was not impressed. They were both very busy and Arlene questioned how he was going to keep up with his work. However, James promised that he would get it done while he was on the breakation.

This breakation proved to be a benefit to both James and Arlene as both were able to get more done than they would have been able to do normally. James for instance was able to do a significant amount of work on one of the courses he’s been working on.

It wasn’t all work for James however, he did get some relaxation time on the golf course, watching TV and in the hot tub. He was also able to fit in 8 hours sleep a night, which is not normal.

Arlene was able to finish a lot of tasks she had on her task list.

And Other News

James has had a growing irritation with YouTube recently with number of times adverts are shown at the beginning of videos. So he posted a question on whether anyone knew if there was an app that would be able to get rid of them.

This may have upset some affiliates who earn their money through these adverts; however, one comment stated that there was a free browser extension to significantly reduce the number of adverts shown. James has tried it out and can confirm it does reduce the number of adverts displayed.

Also during the show, James gives a shout out to Linda Woods, a Outsource Program Manager, who is returning to the affiliate market. Then they go on to discuss what makes Arlene so effective which includes the use of Basecamp. James and Arlene have previously spoken about Basecamp in Episodes 338 and 350.

Finally, James reminds listeners about the Affiliate Summit conference in January that he talked about last week. During that show he mentioned:

  • Why you should go to the Affiliate Summit.
  • How the event is structured.
  • How to get the most out of your time at Affiliate Summit.
  • How to take advantage of the early bird special.
  • How to claim the event as an expense on your tax return.

James ends the show wishing all their Canadian listeners a happy Thanksgiving.


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  • Affiliate Summit
  • ShareASale Think Tank
  • Graceland
  • elance
  • YouTube
  • Linda Woods
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