AB #349 | Ricky Shetty: Secret to Receiving $30,000 in FREE Products and Building a Lifestyle Business Around Your Family

Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty, DaddyBlogger.com
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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell, is joined by Ricky Shetty, Amazon bestselling author and owner of DaddyBlogger.com.

James and Arlene begin this edition by talking about their attendance at the ShareASale Think Tank 2014, which they have previously discussed. It will be the 9th annual ThinkTank and while Arlene has been able to attend most meetings, James has been able to attend all of them.

There is a lot on the agenda and it is difficult to decide what sessions to attend. Whichever sessions Arlene sits in, she is likely to take copious notes. James is planning to go to the advanced monetization sessions, which he always enjoys. Included in this will be website reviews and a bonus / incentive sessions.

James and Arlene are also planning to take the time to have a little breakation. They plan to go to Memphis and visit Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. This is the most visited private home in America with 50,000 visitors a month. The private home turned museum has just recently opened a new archive experience, something which Arlene is particularly excited about seeing.

The ability of being able to take this breakation and this ‘lifestyle business’ is something which James loves about being an affiliate marketer and working from home. The point has been further highlighted by one of James’ friends who was frustrated at not being able to see the Canadian Snowbirds because he couldn’t take the time off work.

The Dad Who Blogs

Ricky Shetty then joins the podcast. Ricky is the founder of Daddyblogger.com, which is a site for fathers and has authored a bestselling Amazon book, Wisdom for Daddies, where he interviewed one hundred dads from across the world. Ricky also runs the YVR media group which includes very niche meeting and networking groups including the YVR Bloggers, YVR Foodies and YVR Dads.

James and Ricky have met a couple of times previously. The first at the Internet Masterminds Meet-up and the other time was at the West Coast Podcasters Network. During this episode of the Affiliate Buzz you will learn:

  • Where Ricky is from and how that has influenced his choosing of his target market.
  • His teaching career and how it influenced his career so far.
  • About his travelling across the world.
  • Why he decided to become an online entrepreneur and how it ties in with him becoming a father.

Just like James, Ricky finds that being his own boss gives him the freedom to arrange his own time. James admits he does take it for granted.

Ricky started daddyblogger.com in September 2012, just before he was going to be a dad for the first time. At the time he had a little fear about being a father because of the experiences he had as a child. Previous to his blog he processed his thoughts in a journal, now he blogs.

However, sorting out his own thoughts isn't the only reason for the blog. Part of the blog is about discussing things which men rarely do and to keep a journal to remind his children what they did when they were young.

Success And Failure

The first real success for Ricky was within two months of launching. One of his blog posts got 10,000 hits and media attention when he discussed his feelings of a restaurant not catering for children.

Within three to six months Ricky also states he was being offered free products for a review and was starting to monetize the blog.

Ricky admits that he has had many failures. However, he states that this is a good thing because he has learnt so much from each one. One of the biggest mistakes he has found is that it is difficult to manage multiple ventures, even though it feels natural as an entrepreneur. Ricky states that when focused his projects are a success; yet when his attention is diverse the results are only mediocre.

How To Obtain $30,000 Worth Of Free Products

Ricky is able to benefit from free products thanks to his work of reviewing father related products. Just recently he was approached by Lexus to test drive some of their cars in an all expenses paid trip. During the podcast, Ricky explains:

  • What the most important element is for getting free products.
  • How can you attract companies to offer you free products to review.
  • Why you need to leverage sponsors to get you new sponsors.
  • Whether he had planned to monetize Daddyblogger.com from the beginning.
  • How you can target your market to gain exceptional results.

Ricky and James end the podcast with the speed round and talking about how you can get involved with the Affiliate Buzz and on Daddyblogger.com.

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