AB #411 | Award Winning Affiliate Manager, Angel Djambazov, Shares the Behind the Scenes Secrets for Identifying and Nuturing Successful Affiliates

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell talks with award winning affiliate manager Angel Djambazov, who shares his role of affiliate manager and talks about behind the scenes secrets for identifying and nurturing successful affiliates.

Angel recently attended Affiliate Summit West, which took place back-to-back with the Consumer Electronics Show, and concedes with what James said in Affiliate Buzz #410 about Affiliate Summit being one of the best events for anyone in the affiliate marketing industry.

Introducing Angel Djambazov

James kicks off the episode by introducing his guest, Angel Djambazov, and sharing a bit about his background. Angel discovered the internet back when America Online (AOL) was sending out CD’s for people with dial-up modems.

A journalist in a shrinking industry, Angel knew it was time to switch careers when one of the papers he wrote for was about to fold. He switched professions and landed the position of Affiliate Manager of Online Shoes, which led to his first Affiliate Manager of the Year Award.

From there he ran his own agency for almost a decade, and then teamed up with Karen and Joel Garcia of GTO Management to form Lab6 Media in January, 2016. This merger, which Angel calls “a natural fit”, was the result of working and competing in the same industry and talking shop over the same types of foods.

The Role of Affiliate Manager: Behind the Scenes of an Award-Winning Agency

Next James and Angel discuss Lab6 Media’s process for finding and qualifying affiliates. Angel first looks at a potential client’s vertical by asking for access to their analytics. Lab6 Media wants clients want clients who are passionate about their vertical because these are the clients who attract passionate audiences.

Angel goes on to explain that the days of making a lot of money from coupon sites are on a downward spiral. Today’s affiliates have to focus almost solely on retail and e-commerce. He uses the upcoming film Captain America Civil War to demonstrate the need for having passion and knowledge about your content.

Then Angel explains how Lab6 Media attends Affiliate Summit to look for brokering large deals with powerhouse affiliates who are solely focused on affiliate marketing but want something extra. The trio from Lab6 Media also attend several blogging and social media conferences.

For example, Lab6 Media spoke recently at the Type A Mom conference, a conference that has teamed up with Affiliate Summit which brought a lot of self-identified Type A parents who were content creators and interested in producing content for the right advertiser.

Angel explains that Lab6 attends these types of shows because of the content creators who attend these shows to get inspired for new ways to produce content.

The More Things Change....

James adds that despite all the changes to the industry over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for affiliates to have great content. Angel points out that the type of content needed depends on the audience.

Then Angel mentions another change - people have gotten smarter. You don’t need to be a celebrity with 100,000 followers to be noticed. You need to be someone who can get people excited about what excites you, and then follow through on the recommendation you give them.

If you can get people excited about something you’re passionate about, then you’re the type of affiliate Lab6 wants to get to know. Getting people excited about what you’re passionate about isn’t limited to your blog, but also applies to:

  • your videos
  • podcasts
  • Periscope
  • and more

The one thing Angel says he hasn’t seen enough of is media kits, a type of public relations tool used to promote a company or brand. Despite being around forever, media kits are vastly underused and can be as simple as a one-page PDF on your About Me page or blog. Media kits attract more advertisers than you could ever imagine.

James suggests if you need help creating a media kit, then head over to upwork and post a project. You’ll have your choice of freelancers who can help you put a media kit together quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Identifying Successful Affiliates

After a short break, James and Angel come back to discuss Angel’s process for approaching new affiliates. The steps to the process are:

  • Research to find out if the person takes advertising.
  • Contact the affiliate through their preferred method (hopefully via a media kit).
  • Put the right product in front of them to give them a reason to sign on.
  • Give them ideas about ideas like contests and promotions.

Angel says he wants an actual partnership with his affiliates. If they want to engage and build their audience, then he wants to help because these are the types of affiliates with whom Lab6 Media has the longest relationships.

Unlike the early days of affiliate marketing, when things were much quieter, today it’s far easier to pick up and join into a stream of conversation. One conversation Angel hears frequently is how an affiliate was burned by an advertiser.

This requires Angel, as an OPM, to build trust by explaining how to engage audiences and increase conversions. In his experience, affiliates like this approach.

In his role of affiliate manager, when it comes to ways affiliates are successfully promoting products and services, Angel loves seeing them use the new media like Periscope, Meetup groups, and other things that weren’t around years ago.

Angel points out that if you’re an affiliate who is very interested in a vertical and you want to attract advertisers from that vertical, then you should let Lab6 know. He says a lot of affiliates lack this information on their media kit, their about page and so forth.

Great Companies Working with Lab6 Media

After a short break. James and Angel return to discuss some of the great companies working with Lab6 Media. These companies include:

Weebly is a leading WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) company for creating quick websites for those lacking the skills, knowledge, or time for the HTML technicalities. Lab6 has been working with Weebly since before Lab6 was born. Weebly has been a ShareASale Top 100 advertiser for a long time. Angel confirms they’re a great program.

SAXX Underwear is one of the leading brands in the performance underwear space. They have major athletes as sponsors and were named best men’s travel underwear by National Geographic. SAXX is available on AvantLink.

Things From Another World is the largest comic book retailer in the country. If you have an audience interested in any comic character, Things From Another World will have memorabilia related to it. They are also on ShareASale.

Allsop Home & Garden is another great company, especially for those with an audience with interests related to home and garden.

Angel reminds that you can see a full list of Lab6 Media’s programs on their website, linked below. Lab6 Media would love to work with content affiliates with a retail presence.

Next James and Angel spend a few moments reflecting on how Things From Another World has exploded from its early beginnings to present day.

The podcast wraps up with Angel’s final tips for those just getting started. The biggest mistake he sees is when new affiliates go too broad. He advises selecting a niche you’re passionate about. Invest your time in growing it to attract audiences. Your niche will expand and advertisers will find you.

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