Affiliate Buzz #223 – The Secret to Selecting Profitable Topics

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast, James Martell, a successful publisher, speaker and author talks with his wife and co-host Arlene Martell about the secret to selecting profitable topics. Various factors come into play when an affiliate marketer desires to select a profitable topic or product.

One important factor is the choice of affiliate merchant and your ability to contact such merchants with your information about your profitable topic. Is there a secret to selecting profitable topics?

Potential Merchants, Affiliate Managers and Making Genuine Contact

During this edition, James and Arlene reflect on the death of Steve Jobs who was an incredible man with incredible visions. Steve’s impact has been felt all over this planet and he had the gift of selecting ideas that turned into profitable ventures. With regards to affiliate marketing, how do you choose topics that will be successful? How do you successfully approach an affiliate manager or companies that have affiliate programs?

As you listen to this edition, you will learn why there is an emphasis on the importance of affiliate managers and the connection to their affiliates. Although some affiliate managers or affiliate programs are difficult to contact, there are some great ones out there like Jeannine Crooks from and Matt Frary from Another example is Schaaf-PartnerCentrix, which has the website.

What is the Secret to Selecting Profitable Topics?

James and Arlene discuss the plight of an Affiliate Buzz listener who sent in an email to the helpdesk regarding an inability to get in touch with a certain affiliate merchant or manager. There are times why affiliate managers hold off from contacting you as a result of a variety of reasons.

This Affiliate Buzz edition provides you with examples of such reasons and explains the relationship between you, the products that are presented to affiliate managers and the affiliate manager’s clients that have to sell these products.

Getting lost in the topic can also be disastrous. There could also be thousands of the same or similar products being sold by different merchants. What information do you need to be successful with your topics, products and affiliate managers? This edition provides insight based on actual experience from James and Arlene.

As you listen, you will learn about:

  • Problems that involve getting in touch with affiliate managers
  • Sourcing for products with or without affiliate managers
  • The challenges of affiliate marketers and affiliate managers
  • The affiliate manager’s role in selecting a profitable topic

The secret to selecting profitable topics comes to life as James and Arlene take on this very important affiliate marketing topic. They share real examples of how they select their topics and provide a feasible formula that any affiliate marketer can use.

A book titled “Amazonian Profit Plan” can also be beneficial to affiliate marketers. Discussions in this edition about profitable topics also cover areas that include product price, commission percentages, average order sizes, conversion rates, seasonality and branding.

And if you are...

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  1. Samantha says:

    I'm literally brand new into affiliate marketing and have learnt so much stuff just from looking about on your site - so thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Sometimes it's hard to find an authoritative source you can tap into - especially as I've been finding in the make money online niche - but somehow today I did it.

    P.S: do you have an ETA for having enough for a real Cobra yet?


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