AB #488 | The Secrets to Monetizing Your Blog with Affiliate Programs with Christen Evans, Social Media and Influencer Manager for ApogeeAgency.com

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Christen Evans, Social Media and Influencer Manager for ApogeeAgency.com and the owner of BourbonAndSparkle.com and today we are talking about "the Secrets to Monetizing your Blog with Affiliate Programs". If you are a blogger, influencer and/or affiliate marketer or any combination of the above, you are in exactly the right place to double, triple or even 10 fold your income.

Christen started blogging in 2010, and in 2015, she launched Bourbon & Sparkle, a blog and consulting business. Presented with the Affiliate Summit Affiliate Marketing Advocate of the Year Pinnacle Award in January 2017, Christen is passionate about bridging the gap between bloggers and merchant programs and helping affiliates increase their revenue.

Christen started out blogging about weddings when she was engaged, and became a contributor and within a short period of time, she implemented the knowledge learned at Shareasale Thinktank to double the income of the blog. She learned that other blog owners had no idea how to make money and make a business out of blogging.

Secrets to Monetizing Your Blog with Affiliate Programs

Christen talks about the misconceptions bloggers have about affiliate programs. She shares the advice she gives to bloggers to monetize their site. She talks about the most common mistakes bloggers make about what topics to write about and how to test links to see what works and test again.

What You Can Learn at Conferences

Christen credits conferences with her complete business knowledge and transormation. Attending can get that you that ONE golden nugget that can change everything for you. She says the education is you get is incredibly worthwhile and making those face to face connections is so important.

Affiliate Managers - When They Succeed, You Succeed

Learn how your relationship with your affiliate manager is critical to get questions answered and help you build your business. Some people are afraid to approach them and ask questions, but do not under-estimate the knowledge they can share and the tools they know about that can grow your business.

Looking to Monetize Your Blog?

Christen shares the top 3 strategies and secrets to monetizing your blog with affiliate programs you need to know. You need to start by subscribing to her blog at BourbonandSparkle.com, an educational resource with tools and tips and real life experiences. As both a blogger and social media manager, so she gets an inside perspective and inside data that she shares in her blog to help bloggers increase their commissions. She also provides consulting for those who want a more step by step approach.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • How to take an existing blog and get it making money
  • How conferences can open new opportunites
  • The top 3 action steps for bloggers to monetize their blog
  • The most common mistakes bloggers make
  • What you can learn by having a relationship with your Affiliate Manager
  • The perks affiliates can get, but when to ask for them



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